Which are the best tweezers? Rubis tweezers vs Tweezerman

Which are the best tweezers

A few months ago I was sent a pair of Rubis tweezers to try out. I already had a pair from the other leading brand, Tweezerman, so I figured that if I got really, really bored one day I could do a tweeze-off to find out which one was the best. Then lockdown happened and here we are.

Tweeze-off: Which are the best tweezers?

Best tweezers - Rubis vs Tweezerman

With hair and beauty salons reopening from 4th July onwards, thankfully somebody who knows what they’re doing will soon be on hand to deal with the mammoth hair growth of 2020. But until then it’s just us, and anything with a sharp edge.

I do think that tweezers are one of those products where you get what you pay for. If you’re plagued by random bristly hairs that you can feel but not see, decent tools are what you need to sort you out. The cheapie ones just don’t grip so well.

Rubis vs Tweezerman

Rubis and Tweezerman are well-established as the leading brands in this particular playground. Both retail at around £20-£25 so they’re not wildly expensive, though they are an investment.

Bobbi Brown described Rubis as the ‘Ferrari of tweezers’ , while Vogue dubbed them ‘the best of the best’. In comparison, their rival for the hair pulling crown, Tweezerman, have been dubbed the ‘little black dress of beauty tools’ which is still good, but not quite as exciting.

I bought my Tweezerman tweezers 7 years ago and they’re still as good as new. They work just as well as they did when I first bought them. In fact the only real threat to them has been the tendency of family members to pinch them. Don’t worry. I have had WORDS. It won’t happen again.

Founded in 1980 and now owned by one of the oldest manufacturers of beauty instruments, Tweezerman focus on precise plucking with a stylish twist. I have the purple ones, but there are tons of other colours available.

Best tweezers Tweezerman vs Rubis Tweezers

Rubis also have a long heritage. This Swiss company is named after the tiny rubies that were inserted with tweezers into watch mechanisms at Rolex and other Swiss watch brands. These watchmaking tweezers were where the company started, before moving into the infinitely more serious purpose of yanking out your chin and eyebrow hair.

As you can see from the pictures above, the Rubis tweezers are noticably finer. I also preferred the satin-coated grip of Rubis as opposed to the smoother, steely grip of Tweezerman.

All in all, although Rubis edges ahead, I don’t think there’s a vast amount in it – both do a terrific job and are streets ahead of everyday tweezers.

Rubis Tweezers Tiffany Blue close up

Product details

These tweezers are widely available online and in stores. The Rubis tweezers shown here are the Tiffany Blue (RRP £24.40) Available here from Look Fantastic. Use code BEAUTY10 to save 10% or if you’re a new customer code NEWBIE gets you 15% off.

I purchased my Tweezermans (Tweezermen?) 7 years ago so I can’t remember the price but they are still available here on Amazon, currently reduced to £15.13. This shade is Blooming Lilac.

*Contains affiliate links. The Rubis tweezers are a PR sample, and I bought the Tweezerman tweezers myself

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What do you think are the best tweezers? Have you used Rubis or Tweezerman or is there another brand you’d recommend? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you