New podcast series | The A to Z of How to Lift Yourself

new podcast series the a to z of how to lift yourself by joanne mallon

Hello! I just wanted to let you know about a new podcast series I’ve started recently. This is part of my regular podcast, Five Minutes to Change Your Life, but with a special New Year twist.

New year, new podcast series

Essentially, I wanted to create something to capture that kind of optimistic feeling of renewal that we often have at the start of a brand new year. But I’m not a fan of new year resolutions because let’s face it they’re often complete bollix and nobody keeps them.

What I want to do with this series is to support you in giving yourself a lift in the new year. Not in completely reinventing yourself, but just in leaning more into what’s good about you. A refresh, a reset, a positive mindset to take into the year.

Hence we have The A to Z of How to Lift Yourself – a series of 26 episodes available wherever you listen to podcasts.

The a to z of how to lift yourself podcast series

As is usual with my podcasts, all of the episodes are around the 5 minute mark. I’ve designed it to be an easy listen to fit into your day. There’s a new episode every other day so neither of us gets overwhelmed by a daily bombardment.

The A to Z of how to lift yourself started on the 1st of January, so we’re coming up to the middle of the alphabet now. The series is due to conclude in February. If you want to go back and listen from the start, the first episode, A is for adventure, is available here.

If you find that you get value out of this podcast series and are able to stick a few quid in the pot, you can buy me a coffee on Kofi here.

You can also support the podcast by leaving a review or a 5 star rating wherever you listen. It takes less than a second to click the star rating so that’s probably the easiest way to show your support. I love reading reviews from listeners. I would love to hear from you and find out how you’re getting on with this new podcast series.

Talk to you soon! Bye!

How to listen to The A to Z of How to Lift Yourself

You can find this podcast series by searching for 5 Minutes to Change Your Life wherever you listen to podcasts. Click the subscribe button to get each episode as it appears. You can also listen online here.