Foreo Bear review | What happens when you use it for 6 months?

Foreo Bear review

Back in September when I first compared the Foreo Bear and the NuFACE Mini devices, I promised that I’d be back with a fuller review once I’d used the Bear for 6 months+.

Well, sorry about that, the six month point has totally sailed past (I’ve been busy! I wrote two books!) but I have been using the Bear this whole time, and I wanted to let you know the results.

What is the Foreo Bear?

The Foreo Bear is a microcurrent facial toning device developed in Sweden and designed to improve the texture and appearance of facial skin. With regular use, microcurrent devices can stimulate collagen and elastin production, resulting in a firmer, slightly lifted appearance.

Foreo Bear review

There are 5 different intensities to the Bear. I only ever used it on the highest setting. I mean, I’m 52, why wouldn’t I? Go hard or go home, right?

Oh hang on, I’m already at home. Now I’m confused.

You can use microcurrent devices as part of an at home facial to tone any area of the face, particularly the forehead and jaw line. In theory everything should become firmer and smoother over time, so long as you keep using the device.

My Foreo Bear review after 6 months’ use

Over all, I am really pleased with the results and how the Bear has slotted into my daily skincare routine. I’ve used it most mornings, never skipping more than a day. It’s so easy; it only takes 2 minutes.

The time it takes to use the device makes such a difference when you’re using it long term. This was why I gave up on my NuFACE Mini, which takes 5-8 minutes per cycle. That quickly becomes a chore when you’re looking to crack on with your day.

I have particularly noticed a softening of forehead lines, especially around the middle of the forehead. You’re never going to get that smooth Botox look, but then these sort of devices are designed to be a less invasive alternative to injectibles. I feel like the result is more natural looking too.

I’ve noticed that the skin around my cheeks and my jawline are firmer too, although the jowls haven’t gone as much as I would have liked. I think I might have to learn to love them, they’re not going anywhere.

I’ve got a tiny bit of make up on here but not much so you can see the honest results. I think my skin looks fresher since using the Bear, although it definitely helps that I drink tons of water and have a decent diet too. No device is ever going to outrun whatever you’re putting into your body at the same time.

Do you need the Foreo serum too?

I was very impressed by Foreo’s dedicated primer, Serum Serum Serum. This light serum protects and nourishes the face whilst you use the device. You only need one pump of it per use, so the 30ml tube lasted around 5 months. I’ve now moved on to a cheaper micro current gel and frankly, it’s nowhere near as good.

Foreo Bear Serum Serum Serum

It’s also worth noting that the Foreo Bear device still looks like new, even after all these months of daily use. The pictures above were taken when I first received it, and this is what it looks like today:

It holds its charge incredibly well. I only charge it every month or so, and that’s because I feel I ought to, not because it ever seems to run out of power.

I feel like over the long term, you can see why the Bear is more expensive than the NuFACE Mini and why you might choose it. Neither of these is going to give you an overnight face lift or compare to the effect you might get with injectibles. But they definitely do something positive for the skin and as long as you are prepared to commit to regular use, are worth trying out. What do you think, would you give it a go?

Product details

The Foreo Bear is widely available online. Such is the popularity of microcurrent devices that they tend not to have special offers, but I will link to any I find.

Foreo Bear RRP £279. Available online at official stockists CurrentBody. Use code YOURBEAR to get an extra £10 off. This code also works on the Bear Mini.

*Contains affiliate links. This device was sent to me by Foreo to review, with no obligation on what to say. All thoughts, words and pictures are my own.

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