Spring fitness with adidas | Stepping out with Ultraboost Lite

adidas ultraboost light animal print

Hey, how are you doing? Is it spring yet? Are we calling it? I defintely felt a bit of sunshine on my face today so I think we might be just about there. Time for a spring fitness update.


We’re now well past the New Year resolution season, so for most of us this is settling into more like what the rest of your year is going to look like.

For me, I am maintaining a steady 3 to 4 gym visits a week: mostly strength training; mostly classes. I’m prioritising rest days just as much as workout days. They’re all as important as each other, especially as you get older.

I’m doing at least 10k steps every day, which works out at around 90k steps a week. Less than I used to, but still plenty. Also a little bit of yoga or qigong in the mornings, depending on what YouTube throws at me.

adidas yoga trousers for women

The main thing I am looking forward to this spring is a trip to New York in May. Big Woop! It’s my first time in the city, and the one thing everybody warns you about is that New York involves lots and lots of walking. But this is the main point of fitness, right? To take care of yourself so you can do the fun stuff – like walk around New York.

My shoes of choice are going to be adidas Ultraboost Lite. This year, adidas have kindly asked me to continue to be a part of their blogger community.

And considering which footwear is best for many miles of New York pavement pounding is a serious business. Adidas sent me some vouchers and I’ve chosen a few things I know I’ll get a lot of use out of.

I decided that life’s too short to be subtle, so I’ve gone for these leopard print beauties – Ultraboost Light shoes in Magic Beige.

adidas ultraboost light in magic beige leopard print

Ultraboosts are designed as lightweight running shoes, and I’ve no doubt they’d be great for that, but I prefer to use them for big long bouncy urban walks.

They’re made of recycled materials and are designed to be incredibly light with a cushiony sole. If you’re looking for running shoes to give you an extra boost and bounce then these will do it.

I’ve had a pair of Ultraboosts for a couple of years now – these Stella McCartney Ultraboost 2020s were my first pair and I still wear them all the time.

stella mccartney adidas ultraboost light 2020

I think they’re the most comfortable trainers I’ve ever worn. Absolutely no breaking in required, and they feel like walking on air-filled pillows.

The other adidas accessory I’ll be taking on my holiday is this purple and pink Gym HIIT Backpack. I think this is a fairly new addition to the backpack range. Isn’t it lovely?

The colour is desribed as “preloved fig” and it’s a dark, bruised purple that feels kind of timeless and modern at the same time.

It’s made of recycled nylon, but it feels very soft and silky. The padded straps and air mesh back panel make it super comfortable to wear.

Inside, there are a bunch of pockets including a padded laptop compartment and smaller sections so your necessaries don’t go astray. I’ll be using it for gym visits up to my holiday, then it’ll become carry on luggage.

What do you think of my choices? And do you have any recommendations for NYC? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you

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