Summer fitness with adidas

adidas summer fitness


What’s your summer fitness plan? I find that summer is a great time to go to the gym, since it’s usually much more empty than at other times of the year, plus there is all that lovely air conditioning to contrast with the heat outside.

In my latest collaboration with adidas, I’ve had a shuffle through their summer sale and picked up these treats:

Optime Superher Training Leggings, which were 50% reduced

adidas leggings sale blue

I absolutely love these, both to look at and to wear. The material is nice and thick and comfortable and they are definitely squat-proof. Here they are in action on the leg press:

summer fitness adidas leggings leg press

Not shown: me being super-chuffed that I was able to load up the leg press with 120kg. Plus the machine itself weighs 50kg, so that’s a total of 170kg being lifted by my 54-year-old legs.

Can I make it to 200kg by the end of the year? I’m going to give it a good go.

Also reduced by 50% in the adidas sale was this Future Icons white t shirt. What a total steal, it’s a classic you could wear for years.

This one comes up larger than a lot of the rest of the Future Icons range of training tops, so you might want to size down if you want something more fitted.

Gym not required

Not in the sale (but reduced thanks to an Adiclub member’s discount) from the outdoor women’s shoes section, I picked up these Hika outdoor sandals by Stella McCartney.

They’re sort of like a cross between walking boots and sandals, with the caveat that they come up quite small, so you need to size up. They are gloriously comfy and squashy to wear, perfect for summer walks. Right now I am doing a minimum of 10k steps a day, with a target of 100k steps across the week.

I am really enjoying how keeping moving and lifting weights helps you feel strong and capable both mentally and physically. My book about how to be calm is coming out in October, so I want to be in good shape for that, and I can’t think of a better way to do that than by strength training.

So for me, my summer fitness focus is going to involve some walking, lots of weights and in particular working on my deadlifts. I’ve got as far as deadlifting 80kg so I’d love to get to 100kg at some point this year. One can dream. Even if I don’t manage it, time spent doing this is a gift to future me and my health and fitness. And hopefully future me will appreciate it!

What’s your summer fitness focus?