My bookshop!

Later in the year my 8th book, a guide to being calm, will be published. So it seems a good time to open a wee bookshop because, well, why wouldn’t you?

It’s a virtual entity and you’ll find it here on

joanne mallon virtual bookshop

I’ll be showcasing some of the books written by guests on my podcast.

There’s also a list of some of the best self help books I’ve gathered over the years. I recommend these regularly to coaching clients and I know they’re all incredibly effective.

There’s also a selection of books that aren’t strictly speaking self help, but are still a bloody good read and guaranteed to make you look at the world in a new way.

And then of course there are a bunch of my books, including the aforementioned book about how to be calm.

Host site is a wonderful champion of independent bookshops and even pays its taxes, unlike some other online retailers. If you happen to buy a book through my links, I will make a small affiliate commission, which will help support the podcast and keep it free for all.

And if there are any titles you can recommend and would like me to stock in the bookshop, just let me know!