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Desavery Lit Daily Serum

It’s been a couple of years since I looked at the Desavery range of sustainable vegan skincare. TBH I was surprised it’s been so long because the products have really lingered in my memory, especially the delicious Garrigue Body Oil. So when I was offered the chance to explore more of the range I was right on it, and the thing that caught my eye was this Lit! Daily Serum.

Desavery Lit! Daily Serum

Who are Desavery?

Desavery are an independent UK-based natural skincare brand launched in 2018. They’re focused on creating products designed to boost skin health using botanical plant oils.

The carefully curated range of Desavery products are made in small batches, sourced from sustainable and socially responsible producers. Ingredients are chosen for the effect they have on the mind as well as the skin. If you put a lot of thought into what you put on your skin, this is a brand that is right there with you.

Desavery Lit! Daily Serum

Lit! Daily Serum is for you if you are looking to restore moisture and glow to the skin using natural, planet and skin-friendly ingredients.

This daily moisturising facial oil is made with prickly pear seed oil, containing Vitamin K to brighten the skin. It’s also designed to boost collagen production and improve the skin’s elasticity.

Use this serum very sparingly – a couple of drops is plenty. The uplifting citrus scent is a combination of wild-harvested yuzu, lime and geranium, to energise and boost focus.

The scent is still quite noticable even in the tiniest amounts, so for this reason I preferred to use it in the morning rather than the evening. It’s much more of a Wake up! rather than a go to sleep scent.

Yuzu is a Japanese oil which has traditionally been used to induce calm, so naturally this is right up my street (not long now til my book about calm is due to be published, will need maximum yuzu for that!).

Lit! Daily Serum by Desavery

Other star ingredients include: a wide spectrum of kind-to-skin seed oils including rosehip, camellia, grape and meadowfoam. That last one was a new one on me, but it turns out that meadowfoam seed oil is a big favourite of dermatoloagists for its moisturising and balancing properties.

All the ingredients are certified organic or wild-harvested. It is not tested on animals, is entirely plant based and contains no synthetic chemicals.

My experience with Lit! Daily Serum

I started using this after a summer that was more stressful than I would have liked. My skin was feeling the effects and needed a bit more TLC.

After a few weeks of using Lit!, my skin feels great. The serum was tremendously comforting to use, giving glow and a bit of extra bounce to my skin. I tend to use a facial oil as we go into the autumn and winter, so Lit! will be my choice for the rest of the year. If you don’t like scent in your skincare then it’s not for you, but if you want a thoughtfully put together, quality hydration boost then give it a go.

Product details

Lit! Daily Serum by Desavery is available online here RRP £75, 30ml.

*PR sample send for the purposes of review