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Just a few book news dumplings to drop on your plate today.

First up, my book Find Your Why: How to Discover Your True Purpose and Live Life to the Full, which was published last year in the UK and Australia, is coming to the USA in July. Yay! How exciting to be journeying around the globe whilst simultaneously sitting in my house in Brighton.

There’s an article I wrote based on Find Your Why in the current issue of Woman and Home magazine.

There’s also an extract from the book in the current issue of Planet Mindful, along with an extract from How to Find Joy in Five Minutes a Day.

Speaking of which, How to Find Joy in Five Minutes a Day has had a really great reception so far, you might have seen it in a few magazines and newspapers. People really are in the mood for joy right now.

And Change Your Life in 5 Minutes a Day is still being stocked by Urban Outfitters. I’m particularly delighted with this since they don’t stock a lot of books, and those they do tend to be a lot more well known than mine. So that’s just brilliant. Any time I am near a branch of Urban Outfitters I go in to have a look. Advantages of wearing a mask (also no author pic on the book). If you see it or any of my books out in the wild, let me know. It’s a delight to see.

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Book news to come

So now that those babies are out and playing, what next? Well, I don’t know when my next book will be published, though it will be this year. Can’t tell you the title just yet and the cover is yet to be decided, but between you and me it’s a book about how to be a better listener. Having been a coach for 20+ years, and coaching being all about deep listening, this is right in my wheelhouse. More details as I have them.

BTW if you are interested in reviewing any of my books, my publisher Summersdale have a mailing list for enthusiastic readers who’d like to be sent books to review. Find out more on the Summersdale Facebook page. Or you could, you know, wink at me.