Book news | How to Find Joy in Five Minutes a Day is here

how to find joy in five minutes a day

New year, new book, new happy dance: I’m delighted to be able to tell you that my latest book, How to Find Joy in Five Minutes a Day is published today.

And here it is:

This is the follow up to the book that came out around this time last year, Change Your Life in Five Minutes a Day.

How to find joy in five minutes a day – what’s inside?

It’s a similar format to the previous book, in that it’s a mix of easily digestible tips and inspiring quotes, all wrapped up in a lovely giftable design.

And once again we have some seriously strokable shiny golden bits on the cover.

This is a book for anyone who needs a bit of an uplift. So, that’ll be all of us, right? I tried to make everything in there quick and easy to do. It’s designed to lift you up right here, right now, just when you need it. And it won’t send you down a rabbit hole of buying a load more stuff.

There are about 60 tips in total, so hopefully something for everyone. If you want a preview, some of the tips from the book are featured on the OK Magazine website – Get happy in five minutes flat.

Where to find it

How to Find Joy in Five Minutes a Day is available now in hardback and kindle formats. Find it wherever you buy books. Support your local bookshop if you can.

And if you read it and you like it, it would be AMAZING if you were able to leave a review or share it in some way. Thank you!

Now, back to that happy dance…

Did anything make you feel joyful today? Get in touch and let me know