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Find Your Why book Joanne Mallon

Please join me in a giant YAY! as we celebrate the fact that Find Your Why : How to Discover Your True Purpose and Live Life to the Full has now been published.

Off it goes on its mission to help people live a fulfilled life they love.

Wish it luck and blow it a kiss on the way.

Find Your Why Joanne Mallon

Like my last book, Change Your Life in Five Minutes a Day, it has lovely golden embossed bits on the cover. It’s very strokable. Go on, you know you want to.

They’re on the back as well!

I guess Find Your Why is mostly for people who feel that they are drifting a bit in life; who want to know how to find their anchor and use it. I’ve been coaching people about this stuff for 20+ years so everything in here is meticulously researched and tried and tested. I wrote it during the second lockdown so it wasn’t like I was distracted by parties and pub crawls and stuff.

Inside there are a mix of 60+ exercises to help the reader work out what their life’s purpose is and then what to do with it once they’ve found it. Sprinkled throughout are motivational quotes to help bump up your courage on the journey. Think of them as mini hand holds.

I am particularly proud of the fact that I got a Nick Cave quote in there.
I feel like all self help books should come with added Nick Cave.
Hopefully I’ll start a trend.

Where to find Find Your Why

Find Your Why: How to Discover Your True Purpose and Live Life to the Full is out now in Kindle and paperback formats. Find it wherever you buy books. Support your local bookshop if you can.

Got any questions about the book? Leave a comment below or just collar me in the street