The Korean beauty sample starter kit – Eopenmarket Lucky Box

Korean beauty samples Eopenmarket lucky box

Bless me readers for I have sinned. Remember when I said I was going to use up all my Korean beauty samples? And then I was all boasty boasty that it was going really well?

Well, just as my sample stash was emptying, I caved and bought a load more. So let’s meet the new, improved Eopenmarket Lucky Box

70+ samples for under £8. You would, wouldn’t you?


Korean beauty samples Eopenmarket lucky box


This is what’s in the box, grouped together by brand

Eopenmarket Lucky Box contents

  • Etude House Korean Ginseng sheet mask
  • Skin79
    One set with two samples of Hot Pink & VIP Gold BB cream attached, plus separate sachets of each
    Gold BB Cream x 5
    Green BB Cream x 2
  • IOPE
    Super Vital Cream x 3
  • Innisfree
    Daily UV Protection cream
    Green tea seed serum
  • Missha
    Time Revolution Night Repair x 2
    Time Revolution Essence x 4
  • Mizon
    Plancenta 45
    Peptide 500
  • Hanyul
    Optimizing Serum First Treatment Essence x 4
  • Purito
    Snail Repair Advanced 91 serum x 16
    Hyaluronic Acid 90 Serum x 5
    Snail clearing BB cream x 5
    Pure Vitamin C serum x 4
  • Skinfood
    Fresh Apple Essence x 2
    Tomato Whitening Toner x 2
    Pineapple mask
    Gold Caviar Collagen Serum x 4
  • Benton
    Snail Bee High Content Skin
    Honest Cleansing Foam
    Steam Cream

Don’t fear the snails, they love you really

What you’ve got there is a trot through some of the most well-known Korean beauty brands, plus a few more obscure ones. A few are higher end, but most are not, so if you find a product you love in there you won’t bankrupt yourself if you decide to trade up to the full sized version.

I first bought one of these Korean beauty sample packs a few years ago. Last time it had around 50 samples and was very heavy on the TonyMoly. So I’m very impressed that Eopenmarket have managed to keep the price the same whilst bumping up the number of samples and including some higher end stuff.

Samples are great for travel, so I guess I bought this to kid myself that I’m the sort of person who jets off to Paris or Berlin at a moment’s notice and needs to be ready with the hand luggage just in case. In truth, I’m more likely to be passing through Peacehaven or Bognor. But at least wherever I go, I’m skincare ready.


Product details

I bought this Eopenmarket Lucky Box here for $8.80, which converted to £7.70. Shipping is free and takes around two weeks to arrive in the UK.

This box has been on sale for a few years and goes in and out of stock from time to time, so if it’s not available right now, check back again and hopefully it will be back in stock soon. All packs vary, so you won’t get exactly what’s shown here, but are guaranteed at least 30 samples.

What do you think of this Korean beauty sample starter kit? Would you give it a whirl? Are you silently judging me for buying more samples I didn’t need? Leave a comment and let me know