Making perfume and feeling fresh with TENA

After not having attended any blogging events for months on end, I ended up going to two last week. The Clinique one I already told you about, and very fabulous it was too. Then last Sunday I braved the appallingness of the Brighton to London train for an event organised by the team behind Lights by TENA. It was filled with champagne and perfume and loveliness, and inevitably, some chat about wee wee.

Look, there we all are amidst the flowers and champagne, chatting about wee wee:

The TENA team are all incredibly polite and frame it in terms of “light bladder weakness” and “having an Ooops moment”. To the rest of us this means – those times when you sneeze or jump and you pee yourself a little bit. Those times that happen a bit more as you age, and are pretty much guaranteed after you’ve had children

What was surprising to me was how incredibly common all of this is, and yet we never talk about it. It’s as common as hayfever, and people talk about that all the time. But unlike hayfever, you can actually do something about a leaky bladder, and for most people it’s temporary.

The thing I am most interested in to try is TENA’s free pelvic floor fitness app.¬†I tell you, pelvic floor reminder apps are BRILLIANT. ¬†Discreet little reminders pop up on your phone throughout the day, which is all you really need to remember to squeeze in a few pelvic floor exercises. (While we’re on the subject, why not do a few now, whilst you’re reading this? I’ll join you).

The perils of Kegels

I had a Kegels app on my phone for a while, and jolly useful it was too. However, the app only did so much before they wanted paying to unlock more levels. By then it was starting to feel like Candy Crush for your nethers, so I deleted it in the end. The TENA app, because it’s sponsored by a brand, has way more content, plus it’s free, so I’ll be sticking with that from now on.

And speaking of freebies, the new promotion from Lights by TENA offers a money back guarantee if you don’t feel fresher after using it. You can find out more about that, and get a free sample of the product, here.

Anyway, we had a big bucket of the fun times, including a perfume-making session run by the wonderful Experimental Perfume Club. It was all of the sensual delights at once, with lots of sniffing, contemplating, plus a little bit of maths as we each concocted a unique recipe for our signature scent.

Mine’s a Woody Rose, BTW.

How many pelvic floor exercises did you do whilst reading this post? Leave a comment, I’d love to know