The mask set that thinks it’s a paint palette


Some combinations are so obvious, like the Crayola/Chubby Stick collaboration, that you wonder why nobody thought of it before. And so we have the mask set that thinks it’s a paint palette. It’s multi-masking skincare in different colours so you can paint them all over your face. This, friends, is the B&Soap Coloring Paints Pack.

Each of the five colours is a different type of mask, with various functions.

  1. White is moisturizing, and it includes goat’s milk and hyaluronic acid
  2. Yellow is nourishing and includes Vitamin C, green tea, lavender and propolis extracts
  3. Green is soothing, so it includes aloe vera
  4. Red is revitalizing and includes rose hip extract
  5. Black is as you might expect for pore care and includes charcoal and cocoa extracts

Put it all together and what do you get?

paint palette mask


I know what you’re thinking, this is one of my best looks yet. I like the green eyebrows most of all. The masks are a thin gel-like consistency, and as you can see are highly pigmented, though they don’t stain the skin.

However, whilst the ingredients sound promising, ultimately the masks don’t really do a lot. My skin felt exactly the same afterwards as it did before. Not more moisturised or refreshed, just a bit – meh.

In truth, this is one of those products that is all about the funsies and not so much about the skincare. I’ve never been on a hen night but I imagine that it’s the sort of thing they would go mad for. Sleepovers and women on the lash is basically the target market here.

I let my teenager apply the masks and a right good laugh was had by all. Personally, I think fun is an underrated currency so I don’t mind that this did basically nothing for my skin. I enjoyed the journey even if the destination was underwhelming.

It’s a silly product, and if you need more silly in your life then look no further. However, if face-changing skincare is what you’re after, you may have to look again.

B&Soap Coloring Paints Pack product information

When a product looks as good on Instagram as this, it will not surprise you to hear that it’s hard to get hold of. I bought it from Global Interpark for $18 (around £14)