My 2011 vital statistics

  • 57 – Number of films I watched in 2011. Looking back on the list, a lot of them were quite duff. The Smurf Movie I can chalk up to the kids, but I only have myself to blame for Sex and the City 2.
  • 21 – Number of books I read. Some of these were quite long, so if you count those ones twice then it bumps up the total to at least 30. This is how statistics work.
  • 2 – Number of Jedwards I met. I mean, there were two of them, but perhaps this only counts as one. I’m confused. I’m too old for Jedwards.meeting jedward
  • 150 – Number of times I went to the gym. Yet still I have a blogger’s paunch. One of life’s great mysteries.
  • 1 2/3 – Number of books I wrote. Tried to write two and it didn’t quite happen. But at least I have a project to take into 2012
  • 4 – Number of hours I spent on the Doctor Who location walking tour. And still it went by in a flash.
  • 1 – Number of babies I saw being born. That’s plenty, really.

I think, as the numbers stack up, it’s been a good year.

So, 2011, how was it for you?