Our cult TV tour of Wales

A walking holiday in Wales is a marvellous thing – the mountains, the lush, green landscape and the sheep are the perfect antidote to home life enslaved by the goggle box.

Unless, of course, you combine the two, as we did last week, and base your Welsh holiday around TV shows you like.

First stop was Portmeirion, location for the Sixties classic The Prisoner. Be seeing you!

Portmeirion Wales


It’s just like Disneyland squeaked The Offspring. That’s right kids – a Disneyland you can never leave. Though the hotel is pretty dandy, so you might not want to.


Portmeirion hotel wales

Portmeirion hotel inside Wales






We ventured out on to Portmeirion beach for a trip to nowhere on the stone boat that also features in The Prisoner

Portmeirion beach wales









and then it was time for a little paddle before Rover the giant white balloon caught us


on Portmeirion beach wales









Next stop was Cardiff, and a Doctor Who walking tour. Here is Daughter of Mine in Amy Pond’s village of Leadworth, which also doubles up as a location for scenes with Vincent Van Gogh:


Doctor Who walking tour







In Cardiff bay we saw the memorial to Ianto Jones of Torchwood, which straddles the line between touching tribute and taking the piss:

Ianto memorial cardiff bay














and then it was off to see the Bad Wolf graffiti.

What did you do on your holiday in Wales children?

I went to see a brick wall and it was great

doctor who walking tour bad wolf wall









So: The Prisoner, Doctor Who and Torchwood. Now that’s what I call a holiday. Next year we plan to attend a live re-enactment of Series One of 24, just need to get some bullet proof vests for The Offspring first.


Tardis door cardiff