Christmas Tradition Bloghop – The other cake


Salt and Caramel has asked bloggers to share their favourite Christmas traditions and recipes, so I thought I would share The Other Cake with you, Christmas traditions two cakeswhich is both. I have been making this for about the last 5 years.

The Other Cake

Ingredients: Whatever you normally put in a Christmas cake. That, times two.

Method: Make a Christmas cake. If you’ve never done it before, it’s easier than you think. I use Mary Berry’s recipe.

You will very likely have lots of ingredients left over. You’re never going to eat that many raisins in a year, and mixed peel, what’s the point of that? So you use the left overs to make another cake. It will be a bit more rough ‘n ready than the first one, but that doesn’t matter.

Feed both cakes with brandy in the weeks before Christmas and wonder who will end up with The Other Cake.

You won’t know who The Other Cake is for when you make it, but its intended recipient will show themselves at some point before Christmas. It might be workmates, a sick friend or neighbours. You will know the right person when they appear. Who ever gets it will talk about that cake for YEARS. It is a magic cake. This year, as you can see from the picture, The Other Cake is square, and my grand plan is to cut it into four and ice each one to make an individual mini Christmas cake. What happens to them after that is anybody’s guess.

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