Adding colour and warmth with adidas plus exclusive discount code


This is my final collaboration with adidas, so I decided to kit myself out for winter and particularly focus on items that will be warm and colourful as we get through the grey months.

And if you fancy doing something similar, adidas have given me an exclusive code that will get you 20% off your next order

adidas exclusive discount code details

  • The code is –  Joanne20
  • It gives 20% off (sale items may be exempt)
  • Valid only for those in the UK 
  • Use on the adidas app only (available on iOS and Google store), which you can find here
  • Valid until 31/12/2022 for a limited number of uses

A few things you could spend your discount on

As before, adidas sent me a gift voucher and I topped it up with a bit of my own spends. I had completely free choice of what to order and I’ve been putting everything through its paces.

My favourite item, which I’ve been wearing a LOT, is this blue Shmoofoil crewneck sweatshirt. It’s a much heavier weight cotton than your usual sweatshirts so it’s really warm and comfortable. Sizing is gender neutral so I ordered a size down.

adidas blue shmoofoil crew neck gender neutral sweatshirt

One tiny detail I love is that the adidas logo looks like a little ghost.

adidas shmoofoil sweatshirt logo

Guess what I’ll be wearing for Halloween?

leg press in adidas

For brighter basics I went for a red 3 stripes training t shirt and fleece joggers from the women’s tracksuits section. The t shirt is true to size (this is a medium, so about a size 12) but the joggers are much more roomy (these are size 10, but there’s lots of room to spare. Pizza trousers for sure).

adidas red training t shirt and joggers

In fact this is probably the only time these joggers will see the inside of a gym. I’m keeping them for Friday night wine time, when I’m curled up on the sofa.

If you like a loose fit, I can recommend this Heritage Now sweatshirt which I ordered from the 70s collection. I’m guessing I will be one of the few people wearing this who can actually remember the 1970s.

adidas heritage now sweatshirt

The pink is a bit peachier in real life and contrasts nicely with the vivid green collar and cuffs.

This is an 8, but I could’ve gone down several sizes and still had room to spare and it’s not as if I’m some kind of tiny pixie woman to start with. I think the style is just meant to be ginormous.

working out in adidas sweatshirt

Although I was trying to steer away from black for this order, I still got lured in by the nearly black Legend Ink (very dark navy) of these training tights and tank top.

Swing that kettlebell! Stretch your goals!

swinging kettlebell in adidas tank top and tights

(also stretch your workout gear)

swinging kettlebell sideways view

I am quite fussy about tank tops, but this one is great – comes up high at the back and is both loose for movement but fitted enough that it doesn’t waft about in a distracting way.

It’s made with moisture-absorbing materials to stop you feeling sweaty when you’re working out.

Terrex tank top

So that’s me all kitted out for the rest of the year.

And the details of that adidas discount code once again are:

Code –  Joanne20
It gives 20% off (sale items may be exempt)
UK orders only
Valid on the adidas app only (available on iOS and Google store), which you can find here
Valid until 31/12/2022 for a limited number of uses

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