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5 minutes to change your life podcast

After a brief hiatus (really, just a pause to inhale), my podcast 5 Minutes to Change Your Life is back back BAACK for a fresh new season of episodes.

Find it wherever you listen to podcasts or online here.

Season 1 had 50 episodes and around 5,000 listens. Listeners came from 65+ countries all around the world. Most of them – 75% – were woman and a fair chunk – 66% – were aged 35 and over.

Not that that necessarily means very much, but when you throw a party that anyone could come to it’s always interesting to see who actually turns up. If one of those listeners was you, huge thanks. There are a lot of calls on your attention so thank you for spending some time with me.

Most popular episode was this one:

The art of letting go

And the least-listened to was this one:

How to use your phone more mindfully

This tells me that people really don’t want to be reminded to use their phone less whilst they’re actually using their phone.

Plus I was really honoured to be featured in Woman and Woman’s Weekly magazine as part of their recommended podcasts. What amazing company to be in.

So what next for season 2?

Well, I decided I wanted to bring a bit of fresh energy in, so I’ve opened up the floor to a fantastic range of guest experts from all around the world. Some of the episodes will still be just me, but I’ll mix it up with other voices, viewpoints and expertise. Still in five minutes. Wish me luck.

I’ve got some GREAT people lined up over the next few weeks. Topic-wise it will be the same mix of wellbeing and mental health tips. Some subjects merit returning to since there are many ways to approach them, but there’ll also be fresh new stuff we haven’t talked about before.

If by any any chance you are reading this and want to get involved too, all you need to do is fill in the form here and I’ll be in touch. Come on, join the party.

5 minutes to change your life podcast

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