Shopping mindfully for summer with adidas

adidas t shirt yoga trousers and black gazelle shoes


What does shopping mindfully mean to you? For a long time now I have aimed to take a mindful approach to clothes shopping. For me this means:

  • Pausing and thinking before I buy anything. I don’t buy on impulse. I might have a look round the shops but then I always wait and see what I remember the next day.
  • Aiming to only buy stuff that will last for years, not a season. So, nothing with slogans I’ll get bored of in six months’ time.
  • Paying attention to sizing so I don’t have to send stuff back. This can be tricky when sizes vary so much and I’m a bit between sizes myself. Reviews are usually a help here.

and of course

  • Only buy stuff you love. If you feel an instinctive pull towards it then it’s probably for you.
  • Dress for yourself and not someone else’s interpretation of who you should be.

There’s more to it, but you get the gist. So for my latest collaboration with adidas (I am part of their blogger community), shopping mindfully was the only way to go.

The downside to this approach is that it may make your choices a bit too safe, but I prefer to think of them as classic. To avoid boringness I went for some pops of bright blue in the socks and bag.

BTW If you happen to be shopping on the adidas website, their members’ club is well worth signing up for because you’ll get discount vouchers for up to 25% plus free delivery and a bunch of other benefits.

For this collaboration I had a gift voucher from adidas to spend, plus the members’ discount plus I tipped in a few Joannepounds.

My choices

First up I REALLY love this Stella McCartney blue tote bag. (still in stock, it’s in the sale now!) The adidas site doesn’t show bags with a human being for scale, and this turned out to be bigger than I was expecting. Admittedly I am a bit short though.

stella mc cartney tote bag blue

It has a huge capacity, so you can go to the gym then go shopping and everything fits nicely in.

The lightweight, recycled material means that it folds up very small when empty.

I also wanted a pair of adidas Gazelles from the women’s shoes department. These classics date back to the 1960s, so they’re completely outside fashion and running in their own iconic lane. These are actually a reissue of a version from 1991, the same year I started at university. I’m told that’s now a long time ago, but I can remember it like it was yesterday!

I spent a long time looking at the 13 colour choices before opting for the gothtastic black on black. Well it goes with everything, doesn’t it? You can always add colour with socks.

Speaking of classic black, I also chose a new pair of yoga trousers from the dedicated yoga section. I’ve been yoga-ing for 18 months now in pyjama trousers so I reckon I’ve earned these. Here I am channelling my inner Yoga With Adriene.

adidas yoga trousers for women

The styling is very loose, so these are actually a size Small. As a size 12ish I’ve been everything from a Small to Large in adidas so I’ve learnt to play close attention to the reviews which will tell you how stuff sizes up.

They’re very stretchy and the recycled material has a lovely silky feel to it. Super comfy and with pockets too, result.

And finally, weights! I picked up a pair of training gloves to help with weightlifting. I’ve finally got back to being able to lift the weight I was deadlifting before the pandemic. I’m hoping that means that it’s now cancelled out and didn’t happen.

adidas weightlifting gloves

These are a unisex style so again they’re a size Small. I like the little loops on the back of the fingers which help with taking them off. They’ve got anti-slip palms to help with bar grip and are ventilated on the back to keep your hands cool.

adidas weightlifting gloves for women

So now I’m good to go for a summer of sport and fun and more importantly, many more summers to come.

Do you prefer shopping mindfully ? Has your attitude to clothes shopping changed? Get in touch and let me know

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