July empties | Hourglass, Ren, L’Oreal and more

July 2021 empties

It’s quite an eclectic mix in this month’s bag of empties. Some great finds, a few mehs and one honking disaster. Let’s dive in…

If you haven’t rootled around in the empties with me before, the deal is that every month this year I gather my beauty empties in a washbag. Then I spill them out and analyse the evidence, to see which one deserves the title of Product of the Month.

I know, thrilling, huh?

July empties 2021

As before, in the July empties list below, anything marked with a * is a press sample sent to me for review. If there’s a longer review available then I’ll link to it. The rest of it was bought by me. Links to products may be affiliate, but this post is not affiliate-driven. Last month’s empties are here.

So what’s in the bag of July empties ?

July 2021 empties line up
  • Bath Rituals Precious Oils Body Scrub – Now this was a top bargain find from Superdrug. Only £4.99, plus they had a two for one offer on (still running) so officially cheaper than chips. Lovely coconutty/almond scent, not hugely scrubby but enough.
  • Dove beauty cream bar – Another bargain treat. Not the most exciting purchase I’ve ever made but at least you know I’m clean.
  • Ren Gentle Cleansing Milk – Super clean, in fact.
  • Wild Deodorant* – And freshly deodorised. I originally reviewed this in June last year and although I liked it, I can’t quite bring myself to pay £5 for a refill.
  • L’Oreal Elnett hairspray – In truth, this isn’t finished but I had to chuck it out because it smelt appalling. Like the floor of a club at 3am in the 1980s. Once upon a time I was quite partial to the smell of a 1980s club floor but not any more.
  • Foreo Youth Junkie mask* – A lovely juicy collagen-enhanced moisturising mask for night time. More on the UFO device here.
  • Wishful Yo Glow Pineapple Enzyme Scrub – Very impressed with this sample. I think it came in an ASOS delivery. Made in Korea and part of the Huda Beauty empire, it’s a super gentle scrub that leaves skin glowing.
  • Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo in Dreamer – This was such an easy to wear shade that I wore until it was all gone, then scraped out as much as I could from the bottom of the barrel. Farewell, pink lipstick, it was fun while it lasted.

July empties – Product of the Month

I almost chose the Elnett hairspray for this for the nostalgia factor. Back in the day when my hair would’ve given Robert Smith of The Cure a run for his money, a good proportion of my weekly wage was spent on Elnett. Them high backcombed birds nests need a bit of help if they’re to successfully block the view of the person behind you in the cinema.

But I can’t give Product of the Month to a stinker, can I? And trust me, this stuff really does smell nasty right now. Like it’s gone off, but it was never on in the first place.

Can I?

Aw, go on.

For the good times, here you go.

Elnett hairspray

And here I go.

My what big hair I had

Now, where did I put my crimpers?

What was your favourite product that you used up last month? Do you want to know anything more about any of these July empties? Leave a comment below and let me know