Vegan skincare | Lush Advent Calendar 2021 contents revealed

lush advent calendar 2021 contents revealed

I know, I know it’s only August. But Christmas 2021 is screaming towards us and the march of the beauty advent calendars has already begun. So if you want to see the Lush advent calendar 2021, you’ve come to the right place.

I should stress that I haven’t actually seen this calendar in real life, but I did go to an online press event this week where it was revealed. Even from afar, I was impressed with the combination of mucho cuteness, lovely design and eco-awareness. I tried sniffing the screen but for one Lush’s notorious whiffiness was absent so I can’t tell you much on that score.

Beautifully presented in a reusable floral trunk made from 100% recycled materials, each Lush Advent Calendar contains 25 vegan products to take you up to Christmas day. It includes 4 retro products from the Lush archives and 6 products that are exclusively available only in the Advent Calendar.

Lush advent calendar 2021 contents

Lush Advent Calendar 2021 contents – full list

(look away if you don’t want to be spoilered)

  • Kris Mouse bubble bar*
  • Sleepy Bath bomb*
  • Merry Christmas Shower gel*
  • Jolly Shower Gel
  • Plum Duff Shower gel
  • Sleepy bear bath bomb
  • Orange Pop bath bomb
  • Twilight bath bomb
  • Candy Cane reusable bubble
  • Cinnamon roll bubble bar
  • Sleepy bubble bar
  • Golden Pineapple lip scrub
  • Polar Bear Soap
  • Baked Alaska Soap
  • Lime bounty body butter
  • New Shampoo Bar with cork pot
  • Golden pear body scrub
  • Dream Cream body lotion
  • Cinders Bath bomb**
  • Thundersnow Bath bomb**
  • Christmas Penguin bubble bar**
  • North Pole bubble bar
  • Hey Hollywood Bath Bomb
  • Sleepy Body lotion
  • Keep it Fluffy Perfume**

Products marked with a * are exclusive to this calendar, whilst the ** products are the retro ones making a return.

Lush advent calendar 2021 contents revealed

I like the fact that the contents are intensely Christmassy, whilst the gorgeous reusable floral box is good for any time of year. Whilst it doesn’t offer the high value compared to RRP that many other beauty advents do, any Lush fan would be well pleased with this.

Where to find the Lush Advent Calendar 2021

If you’re a little bit excited at the the Lush Advent calendar 2021 contents, you’ve got two chances to snap one up. First of all, it’ll be available online at the Lush website from the 26th of August. Then it’ll be instore from 23rd September. RRP £185.

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