New Korean skincare | Quad Active Boosting Essence by Wishtrend

Quad active boosting essence

One of the last products to land on my desk before the great lockdown was this new release from Korean beauty site Wishtrend – Quad Active Boosting Essence.

Quad active boosting essence by Wishtrend

Remember I told you last year about how Wishtrend had relaunched? They’re now expanding their in-house by Wishtrend brand, and this is one of the latest offerings.

This is everything I love about Korean skincare because it’s an innovative product with power-packed ingredients.

What is a boosting essence when it’s at home?

An essence is a very lightweight skincare product, sort of midway between a toner and a serum. As such you can easily layer it with other products and get the benefit of lots of ingredients without overwhelming the skin.

A boosting essence is designed to bring the benefits of its own ingredients and also boost any other products you use with it.

To apply, tap a few drops into the palm of your hand and gently pat the essence on to the skin.

Quad Active Boosting Essence is a good choice for acne-prone skin that needs a little TLC. It’s designed to be anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial (for broken skin) and anti-pollution.

quad active boosting essence by Wishtrend Korean skincare

Star ingredients include:

  • Propolis Extract from France – for healing and soothing damaged skin
  • Black Tea & Fermented Honey – for moisturising
  • Willow Bark Extract – an anti-inflammatory

I’ve been using this delicate golden essence for about a month now. It arrived just as my supply of hyaluronic acid had run out, and it has been a welcome hydrating alternative. Since I don’t have acne I can’t comment on its effectiveness in that sphere.

It’s extremely light and feels almost like water on the skin, absorbing very quickly, without stickiness. If you’re a one stop shop kind of skincare person then I don’t think this is for you, but if you like to layer your products then this could be a great addition to your routine. And if your skin is troubled and needs help in healing, then this could really help.

Product details

Quad Active Boosting Essence is available here on the Wishtrend site. 100ml, RRP $23 (approx £18).

Suitable for vegetarians but not vegans because of the honey content

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Have you used any Korean skincare products recently? What would you recommend? What do you think of Quad Active Boosting Essence? Leave a comment below