Maintaining fitness at home – how’s it going for you?

maintaining fitness at home

Nearly a month into lockdown, how are you doing maintaining fitness? It’s not easy, is it?

I’ve been doing quite a few home workouts from the Self Isolation Fitness page. However, the trouble with doing a workout in the living room is that once you’ve navigated the children laughing at you, then the cat comes along and bites you on the ankle.

Maintaining fitness at home not helped by cat

See, this is why I go to the gym, because I’m pretty sure that Dennis the cat is not a member.

(True story BTW somebody did once bring their pet hamster to my gym and let it run around the studio. #normalforBrighton)

I really thought I had cracked it yesterday when I enjoyed a vintage BodyCombat session dug up from the YouTube vaults. Alas it was deleted for copyright violation by the end of the day so I guess I won’t be doing that again.

This is the home workout equipment I’ve amassed so far.

home fitness equipment

The main issue I am finding is that I just don’t have heavy enough weights. And the cat won’t let me swing him like a kettlebell. I did buy some resistance bands and they’ve been surprisingly good. The thick resistance band ( from eBay) is handy for these sort of exercises.

Plus I picked up a set of thin resistance bands (also from eBay) which lets you do this sort of stuff.

One thing that is going well is my step count. I’m still doing my pre-lockdown 15k steps a day, only these days a lot of them are done whilst marching in front of the TV. I’m rewatching ER and am currently up to Season 10. I used to find that show quite a stressful watch, but these days, not so much. Funny that.

How are your home fitness efforts going? Are you maintaining fitness, improving or hiding in a heap in the corner? Let me know