Hard working hand cream for under a fiver

hand creams by Etude House

It’s at times like this that I’m very grateful that I managed to amass a collection of hand creams with inspirational messages on them. Look at them with their little shoes. I bet you feel calmer already.

Hand Cream collection. Etude House hand creams

Remember when I told you the story of how I got turned down for a freelance writing job to go and test out Madonna’s supposed hand treatment? My hands just weren’t into the groove enough. You don’t remember? Keep up reader, keep up.

Anyway, for reasons that I’m sure you’re well aware of, washing your hands is IN right now. It could not be more IN if your name was Pontius Pilate (little joke for the Catholic girls there).

Here is a chart I prepared earlier:

‘I feel stupid and contagious.’ Got that right.

High street hand cream recommendations

These are the workhorses of the hand cream world. The scent and the packaging is the antithesis of luxury. But they get the job done when it comes to restoring parched hands

(BTW these are all affiliate links which means that I would gain a tiny smidgeon of pennies, should you choose to click through and buy. I won’t be offended if you don’t though.)

O’Keeffes Working Hands – usually £5.99 but currently reduced to £3.99 here at Superdrug. This is the one to grab if you’re unexpectedly working from home and you want to convince your boss that you’re not just watching Netflix all day.

BTW also if you are currently confined to home and reliant on online shopping, delivery is free from Superdrug for orders over £15 (or £10 if you have a Superdrug loyalty card).

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Intensive Relief Hand Cream (£2.99 at Superdrug) is a good one for skin with eczema or Palmer’s Coconut Oil Hand Cream is down to £1.66 at Boots.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream (£3.99 everywhere for 60ml) is another good brand for deep nourishment if you want reliably softer hands. Apparently it’s the UK’s number one hand cream, though I’m not sure how you’d even measure that. The formula is quite thick so it takes a bit of massaging in but you’ll be glad you did.

One thing that disappointed me was that I couldn’t find a budget friendly cream with SPF – have you seen one? Let me know if you have. I was a big fan of the Merumaya hand cream but that doesn’t seem to be available any more.

Hit me up with your hand cream recommendations in the comments box below