6 easy ways to exercise at home – UPDATED

6 easy ways to exercise at home

How are you doing now? Don’t say fine, we both know that’s not true. Personally I am moderately flappy with a side order of up to high doe.

Supermarket shortages aside, I tell you what’s becoming increasingly scarce – home exercise equipment. Can’t get a 10kg kettlebell unless it’s made of gold and priced accordingly (on a side note, my local Superdrug was also sold out of Durex Tingle. I have no idea what that is, but I’m glad that somebody is planning a more exciting lockdown than the bog roll grabbers).

Anyway, in an attempt to get a grip on all this madness jelly, I’ve been thinking about how to exercise at home. It’s taken me 51 years to be able to do 15 press ups and there’s no bloody way I’m letting that go without a fight. So, 15 daily press ups on the bedroom floor it is for now.

If press ups aren’t your thing, here are a few more ideas to keep you strong and moving:

6 easy ways to exercise at home

Exercise at home – six free and easy options

The one I really want to recommend is the excellent 5 minute kitchen workout developed by Dr Rangan Chatterjee. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks already. It’s very quick and easy to complete, regardless of your level of fitness.

If like me you are a fan of BodyCombat but are missing your regular class, they can be found online at Les Mills On Demand, along with tons of other classes. This is a paid service, costing around £10 per month depending on which package you buy, but it does offer a free two week trial so that could cover your isolation time.

Yoga fans I’m sure will know Yoga With Adrienne from YouTube. I’m told her 30 day Home programme is a good one to complete while you’re on lockdown.

Speaking of 30 day programmes, why do you never hear about them any more? I LOVE a 30 day fitness programme. All you have to do is download a sheet and tick off the boxes as you complete each day. I’ve done 30 days of abs, plank, squats, you name it. Think of an exercise you want to commit to and I guarantee you’ll find a free online 30 day programme for it.

There are so many YouTube workout videos, the choice is overwhelming. Julia Buckley Fitness is a great hub of home workouts. I especially liked this one for people who’ve been ill:

Julia is also offering seven days of free workouts via her website, plus she’s hosting regular life free workouts via her Facebook page.

And speaking of YouTube, any video at all will be your friend when it comes to getting your steps in. March, dance, do whatever you like. Going for a walk isn’t the only way to get 10k steps a day. More on that topic here.

How are you doing? Are you doing any exercise at home? Come and chat in the comments box below

PS – UPDATE – Another one to add: The trainer I do my weekly women’s weightlifting session with has launched a Self Isolation Fitness & Wellbeing Advice group on Facebook. There are free workouts every day, so yesterday I propped up the iPad on a table and did a Tone at Home class in the living room. It was really fun, so I’m going to do another Core Control class today. maybe I’ll see you there?

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