#Juneathon day 16 – ALL THE CAKE


Today promises to be extra busy so I’ve already done my daily Juneathon exercise first thing in the morning.Juneathon logo

I’m off to London to speak to the Guild of Travel Writers about social media, and tell them about my new book Social Media for Writers.

If you are coming along to the talk and notice me doing a lot of pacing up and down whilst speaking, that’ll mean I haven’t hit 12,000 steps yet on my Fitbit and am multi-tasking to get the distance in.

Whilst in London I’m also going to The Savoy hotel to sample their afternoon tea, so expect pictures tomorrow of ALL THE CAKE.

On my one and only previous visit to The Savoy I ended up trapped in a tiny room with three of the guys from Take That (true story), so those cakes have a lot to live up to.

Exercise-wise, today I managed 12 three quarter press ups plus three full ones, which I know is a bit poor if you’ve got working arms, but for me it’s not too bad. More than yesterday, anyway. I also did my 200 abs exercises plus several planks.

For a change I wasn’t listening to music, but The Creative Penn podcast, which was a very interesting interview with author Mark Dawson. I went and downloaded a Mark Dawson book as soon as I’d finished, so whatever he’s selling clearly works.

Now I’m off to launch myself face first into some posh cakes.

See you on the other side of the cake coma.