#Juneathon day 15 – Just juice

I’m not going to the gym today because I’m doing a juice-only cleanse and that can only really fuel you so far.Juneathon logo

Long term readers might remember that last year I did a four day juice cleanse, which was tough but more doable than you might expect.

A few months later I won a juicer in an online giveaway, so I was forced to the conclusion that juicing was a thing that really, really wanted to come into my life.

So after having done four days of just juice and no food, one day is not too bad.

I’m still having cups of tea, because that is like juice from the tea plant, right? I’ll also have two litres of lemon water (boiling water poured over a chopped up lemon) for funsies.

My first juice of the day contained six apples, a bag of kale, half a cucumber, half a bag of salad that was going off, a lime, two sticks of celery and a bit of ginger. It looked atrocious but tasted alright. Later on I’ll make a batch of beetroot, orange and carrot juice and that will see me through the second half of the day.

Here’s one I made earlier:



The reason I’m cleaning the pipes today is because tomorrow I’m going to The Savoy in London for afternoon tea and I plan to eat ALL THE CAKES. So today is basically clearing room for that. Today I will have all the fruit and veg, tomorrow I will have ALL THE CAKES and the world will be in balance.

As for exercise, for the rest of the month I’m going to add some press ups in to my at home workout. I am terrible at press ups. Years of being a keyboard monkey has slightly weakened my right wrist, so I can’t do very many. But if we all waited until we were good at something to actually do it, then very little would actually get done. 



I did 10 three quarter press ups plus the abs workout. For those of you playing along at home, this is a 1 minute plank, two 30 second side planks plus assorted crunches and sit ups of your choice to make a total of 200.

I still have about 3,000 steps to complete to get to my daily goal, so this evening we will be stepping with the aid of Soft Cell’s Greatest Hits