How not to launch a book

doctor who exhibition cardiff

I went on holiday by mistake. 

It’s probably not the done thing when you’ve got a book coming out to disappear to the other end of the country but too late now. So that’s how I ended up celebrating the official publication date of Social Media for Writers with some cava in a caravan in Wales.

BTW I don’t recommend caravans when it’s stormy. Not unless you like being in a structure balanced on some bricks, so you can feel the bricks sway and the whole thing creak in the wind. Still at least I can say the earth moved, or at least lurched, at my launch party.

I didn’t have a real-life launch party, mainly because I’m a reluctant party animal. My spirit party animal is a sloth, sleeping in the corner and wondering when it’s time to go home.


Whilst we were in Wales, *of course* we took in a detour to visit the regenerated Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff. The exhibition has changed since we were last there a year ago. The opening section is now a tour of the Gallifrey Museum, which then turns into an immersive adventure with the latest Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

doctor who exhibition cardiff

There are newer costumes added from ore recent episodes. So although this is a small exhibition which would take you maybe two hours maximum to visit, they’ll be be two REALLY GOOD hours.

Once again we stayed in the Future Inn, mainly so we could laugh like a drain about going Back to the Future.

Aside from that, I have been acquainting the teenager with the films of the Eighties. It hasn’t gone well. Apparently the pace is too slow and the clothes are ridiculous. Plus there is all that murder in Heathers, and a lack of historical accuracy in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Pedantic teens, where do they get it from?

Oh yeah, I remember now, she got it from me. I’ve raised a little pedant. I’m really very proud.