Behold the cuteness

As well as writing a book, I have been engaged in much more a challenging activity – namely, completing my collection of hand creams with shoes.

Don’t believe me? Check out these little fellers on my shelf:Korean hand creams

Come on, I bet you know loads of people who’ve written books. How many of them have a collection of skincare with shoes? I’m nothing if not niche.

This is a range called Don’t Worry from Korean brand Etude House, who specialise in packaging that’s cute without being cutesy, IYSWIM. I got them for about £4 each via various Korean sellers on eBay – pink shoes is the hardest to find.

I love everything about these guys, from their varying-stages-of-happiness facial expressions to the motivational messages hidden in their hair.

But most of all I love their shoes, which come off and are interchangeable. And the fact that they most definitely do hop down off their shelf and run around my desk when I’m not looking.

I might become a Facebook bore about my little shoe babies.

On second thoughts, no.

But still, look at their little SHOES dont worry etude house korean hand creams

As for the hand cream they contain, I have no idea what that’s like. It feels a bit wrong to actually use them. It would be like using a loved one’s innards to clean your floor. I think it’s a variety of citrusy, floraly-type scents.

Look, if it’s OK for grown geeks to collect action figures and never take them out of the packet, then I think my collection is fine too. Every time I look at them they make me smile. 

Do you like my shoe babies? Say yes or I will have to kill you.