Silk, honey and panda eyes – the Wishtrend Korean skincare haul


My first order from Wishtrend, the online Korean beauty store, finally arrived so as promised for the nosy people here it is:wishtrend haul




As you can see it was very securely wrapped with plenty of bubble wrap so no problems in transit. The little sachets were an extra free gift of various creams by Chica Y Chico to try.

Also pictured:

  • Powerful Pudding Mask ($6.90)
    I bought this partly because it looks really interesting and partly because it was the cheapest thing in the free shipping section. How Wishtrend works is that if you choose something from their free shipping area, then all of your order ships free. This is a  modeling mask with booster. Mix with water to make a paste which then hardens to rubber on the face, and when you peel it off your face is softer than a kitten’s belly. I also like the solid drawstring bag this comes with – a great place to store my Korean sample sachets.
  • Confume Argan Gold Hair Treatment ($9.99)
    I’ve been using this, and it’s great. I’ve yet to encounter a bad Korean hair treatment. This deep conditioning treatment contains almond and coconut oils and leaves the hair incredibly silky and soft. This brand features heavily in the new Hair Styling Box and based on this product, that looks like a good deal.
  • Wish Formula Panda Eye Essence Mask ($2.99)
    A targeted facial mask for under the eyes. Makes the wearer look a bit stupid, like a panda, but contains mistletoe so people have to kiss you when you’re wearing it. THAT IS THE LAW. Unless you don’t want them to kiss you. That is also the law, for pandas and other mammals.
  • Skin Factory Honey Ampoule Mask ($2.50)
    This is like an amped up sheet mask, which comes with an extra ampoule of honey-based serum to smoosh all over your face before you put the mask part on. The serum turned out to be very watery, so I just splashed it on my face and hoped for the best. A lot of it did go straight down the sink, but my skin was definitely more moisturised after using this.
  • Cosrx Silk Finger Balls (packet of 12, $3.90)
    This is a fascinating looking product which I have wanted to try since I saw it in one of the early Memeboxes.  wishtrend cosrx silk cocoonsThe silk cocoon balls slip over your fingertips. Soak two of them in water for about five minutes before use, then pop them on your fingers and massage over the face for a gentle and thorough exfoliation. It’s particularly good for dealing with blackheads, which I don’t have, but I never let having the wrong skin type get in the way of trying out some crazyass Korean face stuff.


This Wishtrend order took almost a month to arrive, but at least they do ship to the UK (and most other places worldwide). I honestly don’t mind the wait – I think that’s part of the ritual and appeal of kbeauty. You never know when your order will arrive, and by the time it does you’ve forgotten what you ordered and it all feels like a nice surprise gift.

The thing that strikes me about Wishtrend is that they don’t carry the most obvious or cutesy Korean brands, such as TonyMoly or Etude House. They do carry some brands you might recognise from Memebox, such as Tosowoong, Rivecowe and Boutique Bebe. So this is more of a store for the serious skincare hunter who wants stuff that looks suitable for spacemen, scientists and mere mortals. 

If you’re on Memewithdrawal, check out Wishtrend’s range of beauty boxes, and don’t forget that including something from the Free Shipping Zone will mean that your whole order ships free (orders over $69 ship free automatically).



Have you ordered from Wishtrend? What did you get? #nosy

Disclosure: This order was partly paid for by a voucher provided by Wishtrend, and partly paid for by me. Post contains affiliate links.