Memebox Scrub 2 review

Scrub box 2 is the last Memebox Korean beauty box lurking under my desk. It’s sold out now but will it reappear in the upcoming restock event?

So what was in Scrub 2? Like Global #17, this was a box that I personally liked, but The People That Live In My Internets did not. A lot of this seemed to hinge on whether you bought/liked the first Scrub box or not. Scrub 1 by all accounts was The Shit and Scrub 2, by comparison, was Not The Shit. I didn’t get Scrub 1 so possibly I’m easier to impress.

Memebox Special #59 Scrub 2 retailed at $23 and contained 6 full size items worth $102memebox scrub 2


  1. Beauty Firm Rubbing Jelly Scrub (60ml, $7)
    This is one of those products where the idea of it is better than the reality. It’s got a luminous pink rubber brush with a hole in the middle to dispense apricot scrubby stuff. Beyond that point it doesn’t really do a lot, but it was a fun, if brief relationship that was good while it lasted.
  2. ddung Family Peeling Gel (120ml, $18)
    So I guess I have to run around the house shouting Family! Family! Let me peel you with my creepy doll gel thing! My family are really quite relieved that the Memebox madness is ending. I like the weird doll face with red glasses on the packaging for this. Yes she might murder you in your sleep, but then she’d go read a good book.
  3. Pure Smile Jewelry Scrub Amethyst (100ml, $10)
    I’ve had one of these body scrubs before in the Sweet Shop box and I wasn’t crazy about it, but it does the job and has been installed in my shower.
  4. ProYou Special E/B Creamy Peel (50g, $48)
    ProYou is like the stealth bomber of the Memebrand world. The products tend to be really good quality and effective. Peels like this don’t actually peel your skin – instead it’s the product that clumps up into peely bits (like wet paper) to give a really gentle but effective exfoliation. I’m surprised you don’t see them in Western skincare because they’re so good. Maybe in about five years’ time. Korean skincare is ahead of the curve.
  5. TonyMoly Gold Black Sugar Mask (100ml, $7)
    This is too harsh a scrub to exfoliate with directly, instead you leave it on as a mask for about 15 minutes and then gently wash off. Contains gold, smells like treacle, leaves your face smooth and smelling vaguely of Christmas cake. Lovely product.
  6. Pureplus+ Skin Freyia Foot Peeling ($12)
    I wasn’t expecting a foot peel in my scrub box, but I’m really pleased to see it there because the only foot peel you can buy  easily in the UK costs an arm and a scabby leg. However, when I used this it didn’t yield a massive amount of foot-parmesan, possibly because it’s the fourth foot peel I’ve done in a year. My feet are all scabbed out. Sorry. Possibly TMI. But still, lovely soft feet, yay!memebox scrub 2 contents

All in all I like this box a lot – it’s very different to other boxes so it’s not adding to the vat of moisturisers and cleansers. Everything’s pretty practical and fun to use. If this one comes up in the restock I would definitely go for it.

What do you think of Memebox Scrub 2? Would you pick it up in the restock? Or are you hoping for something else?





 Disclosure: I bought this box with my own money.