The one with the Smurf donkey muck goop – Memebox Dirty Gal

Moving on from the disappointment of Memebox Blackout, here’s a Korean beauty box that’s dirty in a good way.

I was so excited about Memebox Dirty Gal. As a muck-themed beauty box, it just screams FUUUUUNNNNNN. If this box was a person she would run in, slap you on the bum and then speed away cackling.

Memebox Superbox #78 Dirty Gal contains 5 full sized hair and skin care products. The box is currently sold out but has been back in stock as recently as last week. It retailed at $32 plus shipping and contains $172 worth of products.memebox dirty gal


  1. Dr MJ Real Mucin Restore Cream (50g, $46)
    For once Meme have under-estimated the price, for this is $63 on Amazon. Essentially it seems to be really snaily, snaily stuff. It looks like a regular moisturiser, but it has a weird stringy consistency. I have a feeling this is fresh from the snail’s butt. Straight on to my face.
  2. B&SOAP Mamie Blue (130g, $29)
    A bright blue face mask for days when only looking like a Smurf will do. Planning to wear this for the whole of Christmas.
  3. Esthetic House Mayo Pack (120ml, $12)
    Doesn’t actually contain mayonnaise, but is instead ‘inspired by’, although it does contain egg yolk extract and olive oil so close enough. It’s a lovely thick hair conditioner to tame your wig. Looking forward to trying it out.
  4. Pure Smile Muddy Girl (two 15g packs, $2)
    You could probably get more than one use out of each of these mud masks, depending on how dirty you like to get. I’ve used these before and they’re pretty good. Plus cute packaging = bonus.
  5. Cleomee Natural Donkey Oil (80ml, $83)
    I find this product value hard to believe – people really pay over £50 for donkey body oil in not particularly luxurious packaging? Are these gold-plated donkeys or something? How do you even get oil from a donkey? Or is it maybe for oiling your donkey, like skincare for pets? I think I’m going to have to circle this one for a bit before diving in. If I get a donkey for Christmas at least I can keep him well-oiled.

So over all as you can tell I am really pleased with this box. As Memebox have substantially reduced the number of boxes they produce, I hope they keep more like this. Watch out for the follow up, Dirty Boy and inevitably, Dirty Donkey.


 Disclaimer: I bought this box with my own money.