The beauty box buffet: Memebox #53 Wine & Cheese review

So you like wine, you like cheese and you smearing goop all over your face, sober or not. What better for you my drunken friend than a wine and cheese-themed beauty box?

However, like me after a night on the Chardonnay, this box made a difficult entrance – multiple delays on shipping, then not all the promised products arrived.

To be fair to Memebox, they did do their best with this one. We were given the option to either cancel the box, or receive it with the missing item plus $12 credit. Then when the box finally turned up it contained a hand signed note of apology and a Meme brand face mask to try out for free. I thought that was pretty fair.

So the final Wine & Cheese Memebox as it arrived with me contained 5 full size Korean beauty products worth $130, plus a free Mememask. The box’s RRP was $29 but $12 credit was given back in compensation for the missing product.memebox wine cheese cosmetics


  1. LadyKin Mangchee Lifting Mask (50ml, $43)
    Hmmm…mangchee…what could that possibly be? Why – duh! – it’s mango and cheese of course. Also contains shea butter, but if they’d mentioned that then it would’ve been Mangcheebutt. I wish they’d called it Mancheebutt. This gel cream face mask has a fresh but not overpowering fruity scent and is designed for use at night, when only insane-sounding moisturisers will do.
  2. LadyKin Mangchee Replenishing Hand Cream (60ml, $14)
    And to go with that, mango and cheese hand cream. But of course. Plus a load of other crazy-sounding ingredients that were once used by Cleopatra or something. Keep away from your asp.
  3. Blanc Doux Pinot Noir UV Shield & Tone-Up Sensitive (40ml, $36)
    AKA red wine-enhanced sunscreen. I can just imagine how the meeting went for this one: Hey, how can we make sunscreen, one of the most boring products on earth, more interesting? … I know, let’s mix some booze in with it. There are few dull tasks that aren’t improved with wine, so bottoms up to this one.
  4. Dear By Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream (75ml, $35)
    This is a pretty legendary Memeproduct. It appeared in a few of the early boxes and was subsequently spoken about in the hushed tones more suited to a holy relic. It is deeply strange. One minute it’s all stringy like mozzarella, the next it’s disappeared into your skin on a moisturising mission.
  5. TonyMoly I’m Real Red Wine Mask Sheet Pore Care (two, $2)
    Wine for your face. What’s not to like? Maybe the idea is that this gets your face so drunk you don’t care if you look rough. Party on, Meme.

 So as you can see this is a really fun box full of interesting unsober products. Whilst I do miss the absent product – Innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly Softener – I’m very happy with the rest of it. Hopefully we’ll see more in the Wine & Cheese line – fingers crossed for Cider & Peanuts or Lemonade & Crisps next.





Disclosure: I bought this box with my own money.