Memebox Global #17 review

So yesterday we looked at Memebox Global #16, and here’s the next monthly Korean beauty box in the series, cunningly named Global #17.

This was one of those boxes that came to me on a tidal wave of meh, as most people didn’t seem to like it much. But once I had it in my hands I liked it pretty well. It’s solid rather than stellar.

Memebox, the Korean beauty company, is cutting back substantially on its beauty boxes, but hopefully the numbered global boxes will gain a reprieve because they’re usually a good value, interesting selection.

Global box #17 contained 5 full sized items and some foil samples. It was on sale for $23 plus shipping and contains around $154 worth of skincare, hair care and make up.memebox global 17


  1. Palan Crysence Home Care Pouch Set (8 x 20ml samples)
    The full 1000ml size of this product is worth a whopping $186, so even these eight little pouches come in at around $15. It’s been a long time since Memebox included sample sizes like this in a box so these came as a surprise to newer customers and largely gave them THE RAGE. Personally I don’t mind sample sizes. They’re handy for travelling and a good way to try new stuff out. At that price we were never going to get a whole bottle of this stuff. I’ve used a couple of these so far and if my hair had thumbs, they’d be up.
  2. Climax Water Pool Cleanser (150ml, $34)
    Sounds a bit rude, doesn’t it? This soda water-added cleanser promises to suck all the impurities out of your face. I guess it must be really good at it to earn the Climax brand name. Fnarr. Let’s move on, the snails have arrived.
  3. Dr MJ Real Mucin Restore SPF 45 Sunscreen (50g, $41)
    Whilst a suncreen isn’t much use to me right now I can’t wait for the summer to start screeching at my family I can restore you with the power of my snailscreen! If you get into Korean skincare then you really have to Embrace The Snail because it pops up everywhere.
  4. Cheek Room Lip Palette ($24)
    The HATE unloaded on this little palette is UNREAL. It’s make up, y’know, it didn’t murder your grandma. *whispers* I quite like it. I don’t have a lip palette, plus I’m very unsophisticated, so it suits me fine.
  5. Shara Shara Pink Piggy Collagen Cream (50ml, $22)
    The texture of this stuff is amazing – like a gloopy blancmange that dissolves into water on contact with the skin. It’s too highly perfumed for me to want to use on my face though, so it’s been relegated to the B-list of moisturisers and has been reborn as a body lotion.
  6. Shara Shara Bee Tox Spot Cream (15ml, $18)
    I think the inclusion of two Shara Shara items made Memefans’ ovaries break or something. At any rate, there was mucho moaning about this too, although for a spot cream the packaging is really quite pretty. Contains bee venom and 16 types of herbal extracts. We don’t get many spots in our house but if one does appear we can attack it like a venom-assisted ninja. 

I think this box was a bit of a victim of the Memehate that has been flying around online. Customers who bought into the whole Korean beauty box thing are not happy that their supply’s been cut off, and who can blame them? But the company has promised more, better boxes in 2015 so all the fans can stop weeping now and start bracing their credit cards. They may have cut off our snail supply, but at least we have enough cleansers to see out the decade.