Star Wars hotel room take two

Last year I wrote about my flying visit to Brighton’s new Star Wars hotel room. I didn’t get to stay in it at the time, but geeky things come to geeks who wait, so yesterday I did get to spend the night in Lord Vader’s Quarters.

I was reviewing it for a magazine, so look out for my full review in Sussex Style magazine in a few months’ time. I have a lot of writing work on this summer, but with fun stuff like this I’m not complaining.

The Star Wars hotel room contains bunk beds, and I took my son so he could sample the delights of the top bunk. As a little brother, he never usually gets the top bunk so this was a very rare treat.

"Is there a lamp above your bed?" "No, but there's a gun"
“Is there a lamp above your bed?” “No, but there’s a gun”


We went out for a walk along Brighton beach and it was the most gorgeous evening. Of course it wouldn’t be Brighton if you didn’t see something odd, and pretty soon we saw this guy attempting to brush the waves back into the sea. He had a large broom, but essentially, the sea was winning.




Some people were watching and phoned the police, as he’d been brushing the sea for over an hour and they were concerned about his mental health. In fact, it turned out he was making a film. In Brighton it’s often hard to know whether somebody is having a breakdown or creating art (or both), but I thought it was nice that passers by noticed and cared enough to do something.

After an ice cream on the beach we went back to the room to take a Darth Selfie.




The costume comes with the room, and includes gloves, but I left those off so you can tell it’s me.

Next morning, we gawped at the Star Wars memorabilia some more, had an epic veggie breakfast, then walked back up the hill to home.



It was the ultimate introvert’s minibreak – go visit the place you live in anyway, hang out in the hotel room a lot and be home within hours. I should do this more often.

Lord Vader’s Quarters is in the Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton.