Memebox Cacao review

When my latest Memebox Korean beauty box arrived, my teenage daughter said I am going to steal all of this and really there is no finer compliment. Possibly we may have to arm wrestle for it because I want to use all this stuff too.

So, Memebox Cacao is a chocolate themed beauty box. You can tell why the teen wanted it. I think it’s nice that we can share this stuff, when we’re not fighting over whose turn it is with the Benedict Cumberbatch colouring in book.

Memeboxes, if you recall, ship worldwide and contain around 4-8 full size and sample Korean products for hair, face and body. The Cacao/chocolate contains 6 full sized products:memebox cacao

  1. Etude House Milk Talk ($7)
    This can be used as a chocolatey shower gel or bubble bath, so now is the time to realise that ambition to bathe in hot chocolate.
  2. Wonderuci Cacao Brightening Mask ($38 – currently on sale for $28 in the Memeshop)
    This mask smells AMAZING, like chocolate fudge sauce for your face. Leaves skin lovely and clean, though the same cannot be said for towels. Looks a bit stupid on (see below).
  3. Pure Smile Essence Mask Chocolate Milk ($1)
    This sheet mask contains the holy grail of skincare ingredients – collagen, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E. I only wish they had included more than just the one.
  4. Evas Vitamin Cleansing Dessert in Coconut & Cacao ($18)
    Aside from the yummy scent, this is a really interesting sounding foam cleanser, where you have to roll the foams around your face. The only way I can deal with the boringness of cleansing twice a day is by having fun products like this to use. Plus check out the cute packaging, like a little cardboard dessert cart.
  5. Pure Smile Chosy Chocolat Lip Scrub ($11)
    Not a particularly scrubby scrub alas, plus it stains your lips brown so it looks like you’ve been gumming a Galaxy bar.
  6. Purederm Choco Nose Pore – 6 strips ($6)
    If there’s on thing that can make pulling all the gunk you never knew was there out of your nose pores less hideous, it’s chocolate.

Total value of box: $81 / £48 – I’ve had higher value Memeboxes but still not bad. Box RRP – $30 including shipping. I paid $16.99 / £10 because of discount codes and points so I think I got a good deal here.memebox cacao contents

The cacao box is now sold out, but other similar themed boxes currently on sale include: a Tea box; a fantastic-sounding Honey box and the weird and wacky OMG box which I have, of course, already ordered.

Are you a Memeboxer? What do you think of the Cacao box?



I bought this box with my own money.

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