How geeky families (and Doctor Who fans) do the summer holidays


doctor who summer specialPeople don’t half bang on about the outdoors a lot during the summer. Look, it’s not compulsory. You don’t have to leave the house to have a good time, which is just as well for those of us introverted, geeky types who’d really rather not.

So this is the kind of thing we do in our family nerdbubble in the summer holidays:

  • We do a Mighty Boosh marathon. Backwards
    My ten year old son and his mate actually did this in the last holidays – all of The Mighty Boosh, starting with the last episode of series 3 and working back to the first one. I’ve never been so proud.
  • We don’t give a toss about screen time
    Yes I know you’re all smuggo cos your kid is down the park throwing stones at squirrels, but my kid knows coding and has an epic Youtube channel.
  • We read a lot of books
    Load up that Kindle baby, mama’s got time off
  • And see a lot of movies
    So far we have pencilled in the new Planet of the Apes film and Guardians of the Galaxy, plus I am planning a Matrix movie marathon. Warning: this and the next few ideas may involve leaving the house. Sorry. I wish it was a perfect world but it’s not.
  • We visit Doctor Who filming locations
    It helps if you’re in Wales for this. A few years ago we did a Doctor Who locations walking tour, and this year already we’ve been to the Doctor Who exhibition in Cardiff. Rats, peaked too soon.
  • and the Harry Potter Studio Tour
    The good thing about this place is that they restrict the number of people who can come in each hour, so it never gets that mega-rammed school holiday feeling. Though I’ve heard that the smart thing to do is go earlier in the day as the crowds do start to build up a little as the day goes on and people linger.
  • We colour in Benedict Cumberbatch
    Yes, that’s a thing and not just a vivid waking dream. Either grab a handful of Sharpies and catch yourself a Benedict Cumberbatch, or, the easier version, order one of these books.
  • We froth a lot about the new series of Doctor Who. Also, no holidays from 23rd August onwards


      • And finally, if we’re feeling incredibly daring, we go somewhere with no wifi


How will you be getting your geek on this summer?