Three Memes: OMG, Pomegranate and Memebox Global #13 reviewed

My postie has been kept busy lately with the arrival of three new Memebox Korean beauty boxes.

Now, to tell you the truth, these aren’t the best of the boxes. But a substandard Memebox is still an awful lot better than many of the other beauty boxes available in the UK. So whilst my Memelove light may be slightly dimmed, it hasn’t gone out yet.

First up, one I was really looking forward to – the OMG! Box. This theme promised the weirdest of Korean beauty products. When you think that snail slime and synthetic snake venom are fairly run of the mill ingredients in Korean skincare, this should have really pushed the crazy boat out.

As it turned out, they should have named this box the Mmm….Interesting Box because I think that’s a better description of these products.Korean beauty boxes memebox omg

OMG Box contains 6 full size products:

  • Hope Girls Night Diva Gloss ($22)
    LOVE this two tone lipgloss/gadget. It’s got a little mirror and a button in the top which makes it light up, so you can apply your lip gloss in the dark. I know we’ve all had cause to do that.
  • SKINAZ Premium Vitablet ($46)
    An adorable jar of vitamin -enfused tablets for cleansing, toning or just sniffing.
  • SKINAZ Lip Tattoo ($18)
    A coloured gel to coat your lips. Leave it for 10 minutes, then peel off the dried goop and your lips will be tinted for 24 hours. Which is a great idea, had they not sent me this in bright orange. I don’t really want to look like I’ve been sucking on apricot jam that much.
  • Pure Smile Bust pack ($6)
    We’ve had masks for face, hands, feet and lips from Memebox, so what’s left? Of course, a mask for your boobs. I’m expecting a bum mask in OMG2.
  • Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask ($46)
    Now this looks interesting – a clay mask that bubbles like Vesuvius when you put it on your face, so it looks like moss is growing on your face. I used this and my daughter did actually shout Oh my god! so I guess this is a win.
  • Ladykin Aqua Body Exfoliator ($14)
    Very nice looking product, but I think it got lost on the way to the Scrub Box because there’s no OMG factor at all.

I paid $21.50/£12.81 for this box including shipping (RRP was $36/£21.45). Value of contents = $152 / £91. Pretty good, even if the OMG is lacking.


Next up, a box that wasn’t meant to have the OMG factor, but really did.

I’m talking about Global Box #13 AKA The One With The Tampons

Yes really, they put tampons in a beauty box. And about $200 worth of other stuff too. But still – Tampons!!!korean beauty boxes



“Wow, I really hope I get tampons in my beauty box” said nobody in the history of the world ever


Memebox global boxes ship out on the 24th of every month and are widely considered to be their best boxes. A mix of haircare, skincare and makeup, they usually sell out months in advance and cost $23 plus shipping. The next one that’s available to buy is Global Box #17, or there is a bundle available of boxes #17-#19 which saves you a bit in shipping.

Global box #13 contained 7 products:

  • Detoxifying Air Therapy Mask ($50)
    A $50 face mask! What on earth is it going to do? This comes with a syringe full of face goop and a mask sheet to put on top to activate it. I’m scared to use it.
  • Donga Tempo Eco Natural ($11)
    Yes they might be all organic and the oldest sanpro in Korea or something, but it’s still frickin tampons. Memebox, what were you thinking?
  • CNP Derma-Scalp Shampoo (25g, $2.70)
    A tiny sample, but a little of this menthol shampoo goes a long way
  • CNP Tone-Up Sun Protection (15ml, $10.20)
    It’s sunscreen, what can you say? Quite a small sample but useful for carrying around I guess.
  • Eon Wheat-Germ Cream (75ml $48)
    A lovely soft moisturising cream made of 75% organic wheat bud extracts. I have way too many face creams right now so this has been used as a body cream.
  • Soy Bio Plus Fermented Lumpoule (2 x 5ml, $24.86)
    A lumpoule! What a delightful word. Two small vials of facial essence made from fermented soy bean lump. One of those products you don’t really know if it’s doing anything, but it’s still fun to use.
  • Nuganic Sun Base CC Cream ($54)
    I’m not sure if I like how shiny this leaves my face, but I do like that it has a high SPF.

And finally we have the Pomegranate memebox.

This box retailed at $36/£21.45 including shipping. Using discounts, I paid $21.50/£12.81. Box value is $68/£41.

The main complaint about this box is that there wasn’t enough in it, but I still liked it:korean beauty boxes memebox pomegranate

There are six pomegranate-themed items inside:

  • Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack ($2)
    A sleeping pack for deep moisturising, but alas only a very small 10ml size. I need more beauty sleep than that!
  • Chamos Acaci Pomegranate Anti Wrinkle Cream ($30)
    Alas the lid of this turned up cracked and I was only able to extract $4 in compensation from Memebox. Another one for the body cream pile I think.
  • The Face Shop Pomegranate & Collagen Lifting Essence ($24)
    My favourite product in the box, leaves skin very smooth and feeling silky.
  • The Face Shop Mango Seed & Pomegranate Lip Balm ($7)
    What can you say, it’s a lip balm. A nice one though. I like the slightly fruity scent.
  • Etude House Cleansing Foam Pomegranate & Berry ($4)
    Good, non-drying cleanser. Feels like a more expensive product
  • Etude House Pomegranate Scrub Massage Cream ($1)
    Although this was billed as a full size product, it was actually only two foil samples. A nice enough gentle facial massage cream, but please Memebox, we want some more.


 Did you order any of these boxes? What did you think of them? How do you think these compare to other beauty boxes you have ordered?




I bought these boxes with my own money.