The bunny, the macaroon and the foot juice – my Korean beauty haul

I’ve gone down a bit of a rabbit hole, personal-grooming wise. Luckily, there was a rabbit at the end of it, so that’s OK.

First of all I got into Memeboxes, the epic Korean beauty boxes. This led me to discover that Korean skincare and beauty really is the shit if you like cutely packaging combined with kick ass products.

This led me to BeautynetKorea who sell mucho affordable Korean beauty products, with free international shipping.

And so arrived the bunny, the macaroon and the foot juice; to say nothing of the angel’s tears and various other sundries. 

This is what I bought:

  • TonyMoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar ($4.95/£2.94)
    Why choose between lipstick and bunny rabbit when you can have both? There are 9 different shades in this range, and each of the bunny faces has a slightly different expression. I chose Juicy Orange AKA grumpy bunny. Texture-wise, this is a cross between a lipstick and a gloss. The product is a very vivid orange, but applies to a nice peachy colour. Korean beauty TonyMoly bunny gloss

  • It’s Skin Macaron lip balm ($6.30 / £3.74)
    This lip balm contains Vitamins A, C and E, and butters shea and cocoa. But more than that, it’s disguised as a macaroon! I bought this in green apple flavour for my teenage daughter, and have now been ordered to secure a bunch more for her teenage friends. This is how drug dealers get started.
  • Secret Key Angel Tears Essence Toner ($11.61 / £6.89)
    Again I was seduced by the packaging featuring weeping angels but the product turns out to be pretty good. Contains hyaluronic acid, argan oil and vitamin C, so it’s gentle and nourishing to the skin.
  • Holika Holika Baby Silky Foot ($6.31 / £3.75)
    You may be aware of a product called Footner, which involves bootees full of special foot juice. Wear them for an hour and in a week all the hard skin will have peeled off your feet. Fascinating and disgusting in equal measures.
    However, Footner costs £15 and frankly I’m not spending that on foot juice, so I opted for this bargain version instead. And guess what I did last Saturday night? Yeah baby. Ain’t no party like a foot juice application party.Korean beauty haul

  • Mucho freebies
    Also included were 9 free sachets of moisturisers and BB creams. Fun times.

All came securely packed, in plenty of bubble wrap and a sturdy cardboard box and took around two weeks to arrive from Korea to the UK.

The only trouble is, my grumpy bunny looks lonely in my handbag all by himself. I think I’m going to have to place another order and secure him some friends.

Have you used Korean beauty or skincare? Got any recommendations to share?



As I was writing this, another one of my Korean purchases arrived. This is Memebox From Nature, an all-natural themed beauty box.

Normally Memeboxes sell out within a few days, but this one is still available to buy, so I thought you might like to see what’s inside:

memebox from nature


So we have eight items (six individual products) worth around $100 (I paid £20), a mixture of skin and haircare.

They feature natural ingredients including plant stem cells, propolis (AKA bee juice) and – yes – snail slime.

My family are appalled, but I’m going to put snail slime on my face. Well, you only live once. It should be fine but if I start crawling on the floor on my belly then feel free to call the medics.