Cross pens – pen pals for life


my-cross-pens-collectionI’ve been building up a fine collection of pens since I became a Cross Pens ambassador. When I go to a meeting, depending on what kind of meeting it is, I put a lot of thought into which of these needs to go too.

Yes, I am a pen nerd along with being a lots-of-other-things nerd. In a ‘who’s the nerd with the nicest stationery’ contest I would win, or at least get to the final ten.

I don’t leave the house with more than one of these babies at a time. They’re like the royal family in that they don’t all travel together.

And if I have to dedicate a book, that takes at least a half hour of pen consideration before I decide which one to use. These things are important, it would be rude to rush it.

I think the stationery addicts amongst you know. Given that we write so much less by hand these days, how you write and what with is more important than ever.

And now it is new pen season, and Cross have sent me two of their latest designs to add to the collection and to share with you.cross-pens-in-boxes


First thing to note is that the design of the gift box that comes with your Cross pen has changed from the previous brown boxes. It’s now a very elegant navy blue with silver lettering and Sixties-inspired rounded corners. Very Mad Men I think.

First up is the new range Easy Writer, on the right in the main picture above – it’s the one with the pale band around the barrel. This band is actually a silicone comfort grip, designed to make it easier to hold and to eliminate writer’s cramp. It comes in matte black, a lovely bright metallic blue and the satin chrome you see here.

This ballpoint has a satin chrome finish with chrome-plated appointments. I think it would be a good choice for students or any sort of professional writer. At £30 (but looking more expensive) it would make a great going away to university present. Or just a present for yourself. The blurb says it’s ‘designed to make writing a joy’ – I love that. All writing should have joy to it, whether you’re writing a novel or signing a card. 

Also pictured is the new design for the classic Apogee collection.

Cross calls the Apogee collection ‘the power suit of pens’ and you can see that this is definitely designed to make a statement in the office.  We’re talking new job, special birthday or just when you deserve a treat for being great. It’s available in ballpoint, rollerball and fountain nibs, priced starting at £65.

Both of these pens have a satisfying heft to them – more substantial than a throwaway pen, but not so heavy that you get a sore hand when you’re writing your novel.

What sort of pen do you prefer when you’re writing something of substance?