Vegan skincare (and tea) from Dr Jackson’s

Dr Jackson's face wash and wellbeing tea

Do skincare and tea go together? I guess tea goes with everything so why not? Dr Jackson’s is a multi-award winning British brand specialising in both natural, vegan skincare and organic tea blends.

I was sent two products from the Dr Jackson’s range to try out – their Face Wash and Relax Tea.

I feel like face washes are a bit out of fashion right now, and cleansing balms and creams are more the thing. It’s like a memo was sent round that washing your face is so last century and will result in it falling off into the sea. But this is a lovely example of a good all-rounder face wash that will suit most skin types. And it’s much easier to rinse off than a balm or cleansing cream.

The sulphate-free Dr Jackson’s Face Wash foams up a little when you mix it with water, but it definitely doesn’t feel like soap or dry out the skin out like soap can.

I think that’s down to the oils it contains: chamomile, baobab seed and lemon and mandarin peel oils. The last two give it an uplifting, light citrus scent. There’s also some pomegranate extract in there for a little bit of exfoliation as it cleanses.

What’s the tea?

I first wrote about going caffeine-free in 2018 and still largely avoid it now. I know I always say this but honestly, if you have anxiety then caffeine is not your friend.

By now I’ve tried out tons of herbal teas so it’s always a pleasure to discover a new one. Dr Jackson’s have a range of three different organic teas, but I opted for the Relax blend because relaxation is like fun: you always have room for a bit more.

Dr Jackson's face wash & relax tea

This is a multi award winner, having been crowned Best Wellbeing Tea in The Beauty Shortlist and Wellbeing Awards 2020 & 2021. Developed from a traditional German recipe, the blend contains ingredients designed to calm the body and mind including:

Valerian root: often used to help sleep and calm the nerves

Passionflower: a traditional remedy for insomnia

Licorice root, orange rind and peppermint leaf: the scent and taste is a mix of these three, plus peppermint is good for digestion so it’s a great after dinner tea. I’ve been drinking this in the afternoons and it’s a really delicious treat.

It comes in a reusable glass jar and even the teabags are more ethical than most: they’re 100% biodegradable teabags derived from Non-GMO sugarcane, with no strings, glue, staples or printed tags.

With its simple, classy recyclable packaging, I think either of these would make a good gift for anyone who’s interested in wellbeing and ethical brands.

Product details

Relax Tea by Dr Jackson’s, RRP £22 here.

Dr Jackson’s Face Wash, 300ml, RRP £33 here

All products suitable for vegans, certified cruelty free and made in the UK.

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