Vegan skincare | Algenist eye serum | A recommendation and a rant

algenist eye serum review

I wanted to tell you about something that I both LOVE and UNLOVE. Schrödinger’s skincare, if you will. (And BTW I’m avoiding the H-word since there is too much of it in the world already, so instead we have unlove as a softer substitute).

First up, here’s the recommendation: this eye serum by Algenist is terrific.

Algenist is a San Francisco-based vegan, sustainable skincare brand. Their main hero ingredient is alguronic acid, an acid naturally sourced from algae. I’ve used several products in their range and they are always impressive, one of those reliable brands that isn’t cheap but is always effective. They’re not massively well known in the UK. I don’t think they even have a UK PR; you don’t see them reviewed very much although the products do pop up sometimes on QVC.

Algenist eye serum review

I bought this Algenist eye serum in the Christmas sale at Space NK, when it was reduced by 20% and I’ve been using it since then. The RRP is £56 for 15ml, but it’s currently reduced to £44.80 at LookFantastic (affiliate link).

I’ve been using it daily for over 2 months and it’s just great for moisturising and plumping the skin around the eyes. It absorbs really well so you can put make up on afterwards and it won’t slide off. All in all I feel like the whole area around the eye is more toned and brightened. Strong recommend for this one, especially if you are 40+.

Now here’s the rant:

Much as I like using this product, my heart sinks when I look at the label. Why do so many beauty products use the language of combat and negativity against our bodies? Why do they speak to us as if we should be at war with ourselves? Look at the full name of this product: Anti Wrinkle Power Advanced Wrinkle Fighter.

I don’t mind having wrinkles. And I’ve no desire to fight with myself.

Why is a company that obviously prides itself in its advanced formulations, using dated marketing like this?

They’re by no means alone. I took a quick squizz round Space NK as I was writing this. ‘Anti ageing’ on practically everything. Ageing is a component of being alive. If you weren’t ageing you would be dead. Why the thunderous marketing roar that we should be against it?

From other brands I also spotted ‘Age repair’ – as if being alive were something to be fixed (by buying a product, naturally); ‘Wrinkle warrior’ (just ugh); ‘Youth alchemy’, ‘Youth protector’ ‘youth dose’, ‘Youthful glow’ (because youth is all there is, right?); ‘Wrinkle smoothing’ (yeah, right).

It’s like they want our money though they dislike who we are.

People have wrinkles, this is fine. People get older, well, you’re ageing every day since you were born, it’s not a crime.

Saying that, not every company is doing this. Some of them just brand their products with the ingredients they contain and the benefits they bring (and don’t automatically couch them in terms of ageing = bad, youth = good).

Obviously nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission and all that, but they will have a bloody good go at doing so if there are a few bucks to be made. And I always wonder how many women over 40 were in the room when branding like this is decided. I’m guessing not many.

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