A treasure hunt walk around Brighton | Tried and tested

A magical thing happened last weekend – we left the house! All of us! Including the teenager! Wild times.

Obviously we’ve all been going on individual walks but a family outing has become a thing of memory. This was a walk with a difference, though: a chance to try out the new game/challenge/leg stretcher that is Treasure Hunt Brighton.

Since this is a mystery game fuelled by clues to solve, it’s slightly challenging to review, since I can’t show you too much about what we did and where we went. But I hope you get the gist and a sense of what to expect.

We start our journey here, at the India Gate outside the Royal Pavilion:

treasure hunt Brighton start - India Gate

Treasure Hunt Brighton – How it works

Before your walk, register with Treasure Hunt Brighton here. Tickets cost £9.99 per adult (under 16s go free).

You’ll be sent a link to activate your hunt. Although you will book an individual time slot, it doesn’t really matter when you do it, so it’s fine to change time if the weather looks bad.

Click on the link and a series of cryptic clues, hidden facts and maps will appear, each leading to the next destination.

Treasure Hunt Brighton messages

The game is entirely outdoors, so you can play it with your household as part of your daily exercise. As current guidelines stand, you could also choose to play it with anyone in your support bubble or with one other person from another household.

Our verdict

All of us really enjoyed our Treasure Hunt Brighton adventure. Top fun indeed. We were out walking for just shy of two hours, so you will need sturdy shoes and the appetite for a hearty stroll.

Even though we have lived in Brighton for 18 years, we still learned new facts about our city and uncovered some hidden gems. And I really enjoyed that my daily walk didn’t have to mean tramping round the local park for the billionth time.

There’s probably too much walking for very young children, but anyone from around 8 and upwards who likes puzzles and history would enjoy this. My seventeen-year-old enjoyed it so much it almost made up for the fact that he was being seen in public with his parents.

Treasure Hunt Brighton

Find out more

More information and booking details can be found here on the Treasure Hunt Brighton website. Tickets cost £9.99 per adult; under 16s go free. You will need a well-charged smartphone to play.

*We were provided with tickets for Treasure Hunt Brighton for the purposes of review

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