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This is part introduction to a new ethical vegan perfume brand, and part news of a fundraising campaign for communities affected by climate change.

Plus it smells really good so feel free to lean forward and sniff the screen.

Frånk 50ml Parfum

The brand is called ånd fragrance, and it’s the latest adventure from Simon Constantine, formerly head perfumer and head of ethical buying at Lush. It’s a niche range of 5 scents so far; all hand made in Dorset but aiming to pack a wider global punch.

Simon visited Somaliland last year and was inspired both to create the perfume you see here, Frånk, from native frankincense, and to raise money for the community, which has been particularly affected by climate change.

From now until Christmas, ånd fragrance are donating 20% of their total sales to support small scale frankincense nurseries and the people in Somaliland who rely on them.

What of the perfume?

Scent wise, Frånk is not at all what I was expecting. I assumed that the presence of frankincense would result in full on Catholic funeral spice, but instead the top notes are a smooth citrus. This unisex fragrance leads with lemon and lime, middle notes are ylang-ylang, mango and frankincense; and the base notes are frankincense, myrrh and vanilla.

As you can see from the photo of the sample I was sent, it’s a really pretty green colour. Looks like olive oil; smells like citrus in the sunshine and helps people improve their world. What a find.

Product details

Frånk by ånd fragrance is available online here. It’s available in solid and eau de parfum varieties, from £35. Main picture shows the 50ml Eau de parfum, RRP £125. The discovery set of all 5 fragrances looks like a good bet at £25.

All fragrances in the range are vegan and cruelty free.

*PR Sample

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