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Two gorgeous organic body care bath products from The Organic Pharmacy arrived with me this week. I would say that it’s proper bath season, but really this whole year has been bath season, hasn’t it? Where better to hide from the world? Baby, it’s cold outside.

In fact, one study in Germany found that a daily bath is more effective on lifting the mood than exercise. So there you go. You owe it to your own wellbeing to get bathing.

First up is the gloriously named Cleopatra’s Body Scrub (400g, RRP £45). Man, this stuff is delicious. I would say that it would make a good gift, but once you give it a sniff you won’t want to give it away.

As scrubs go, it’s very soft and luxurious. Perfect for getting rid of dead skin cells if you’re a bit flaky thanks to central heating. Good for circulation too. It’s dense with honey and oils, so much so that they pool on the surface above the salt and sugar scrubby bits. Additional soft exfoliation and scent comes in the form of tiny pieces of rose petal.

The scent is a floral mix – yland ylang, citrus and rose. Leaves the body incredibly soft, to the point where you won’t need to follow with body lotion.

Slight caveat – watch out for the oils making things slippery when you’re getting out of the shower after using this. Other than that, it’s a true treat.

I also tried out the Detoxifying Seaweed Bath Soak (325g, RRP £39.95). This is a mineral-rich sea salt soak infused with spirulina, juniper and eucalyptus. The eucalyptus in particular is quite strong – you can smell it even with the cap on the jar. It’s gutsy enough that it lasts throughout bath time and scents the bathroom after. This is one to reach for on those days when you’ve had one Zoom call too many and need to reset.

So the question now is – would you chuck in exercise in favour of daily bathing? I can’t say I’m not tempted.

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