DAFNI Go | Heated hair brush review

DAFNI Go heated hair brush

Like most people masquerading as adults, I love a toy, and I love a new toy best of all. So this is what I’ve been playing with this week – the DAFNI Go heated hair straightening brush. Fun times.

DAFNI Go heated hair brush review

If you’re in the market for a heated hair brush then I’m sure you’ll have heard of DAFNI. Founded by physicist Sharon Rabi on a bad hair day, DAFNI produced the world’s first straightening brush in 2016.

The DAFNI Go is the baby sister to the original – a travel sized heated hair brush that comes in its own carry case and is incredibly easy to use on the move. It also comes with a thermal cover so you can stash it straight away without waiting for it to cool down.

heated hair brush DAFNI Go carry case

What does a heated hair brush do anyway?

Essentially, what these brushes do is a gentler version of what your regular straighteners might do. It won’t give you that absolutely poker straight effect because the hair isn’t gripped in the same way as it is with straighteners. What it will do is help hair become less frizzy, straighter and glossier but with more natural movement. They’re designed to be used on dry hair only.

The 3D ceramic surface of the brush heats up in a few seconds to 185 degrees Celsius. I’ve found it incredibly easy to use and have pretty much dumped my straighteners in favour of the DAFNI Go (sorry lads, there’s a new toy in town, and it’s making my hair shinier than you guys have ever managed).

There’s not a huge amount of difference in this before and after, I know, but I think you can see by the third picture how shiny my hair is after a run over with the heated hair brush. On the left is just regular rough blow dry and the other two pics are after using the brush.

heated hair brush results

As a contrast, here’s a video from YouTuber Lisa Potter-Dixon whose hair is much longer and thicker than mine – see how she got on with the DAFNI brush.

I think if you do have longer hair then the full size DAFNI brush is going to work better, but for those of us with shorter bobs then the Go model is plenty big enough to do the job, plus it’s handier to cart about.

Round about now you might be thinking of cranking out the aul Christmas list, so I’m going to suggest this as an early contender. It’s handy, it’s versatile and it works. And it’s fun to play with, just what you want in a toy.

Product details

The DAFNI Go is available from the DAFNI website (sign up to their mailing list to get 10% off) and many other retailers including John Lewis and Amazon. RRP £99.95

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Have you ever used a heated hair brush? What do you think of the DAFNI Go? Leave a comment and let me know