Tunic and Birkies from JD Williams’ summer range

JD Williams summer range

JD Williams summer range



Summer! It’s here at last! But what to wear if you never go brighter than navy? And don’t understand why we can’t all just wear black jumpers every day and be done with it?

Enter the JD Williams’ summer range. JD Williams is the clothing brand you will probably know from their TV ads showing Lorraine Kelly and chums having a cheery drunken dance. It all looks like a tremendously fun world to be a part of. I used to work with Lorraine Kelly years ago, and although she was very nice, she never danced with me like that.

I was asked to have a thorough rootle through the JD Wiliams website, so I did, pausing to admire how quick the search function and navigation is. I’ll be back next time I need to stock up on black jumpers.

Eventually I chose the clothes above – a floral tunic by Joe Browns (£35, comes in sizes 12 to 32) from the womens’ tops section and black Birkenstock Florida sandals (£63, comes in sizes 35 to 43).

On the whole, I was impressed by the wide range of styles in sizes 12 and up. If you’re looking for some summer gear and are partial to a floaty top, you’ll find it here. I didn’t like that not everything is pictured on a real life human. In the case of the tunic, it makes it hard to judge the length. But as you can see it’s a kind of Roman toga, mid-thigh length, so it needs some leggings underneath.


JD Williams Joe Browns tunic birkenstock sandals


The Birkies look like they might need some wearing in, but the patent leather uppers are lined with what feels like toughened felt. So they’re actually quite soft. You can put them on and walk for miles. They’re on the pricey side for sandals, but I know from experience that Birkenstocks last for years.

I can’t tell you what a tremendous lemon I felt when taking the pictures for this post. How do the pro bloggers do it? You can’t round a corner in Brighton these days without tripping over some wafting lovely standing next a brick wall, jutting her hip out and posing for her personal camera crew.

I have no personal camera crew, alas. But I did have a sneaky half hour with nobody else at home, so I thought that would be a good opportunity to get some snaps in.

I know many of you like to know the opinion of Dennis the Cat, and he was interested to the point of frenzy in all of this. The trouble with Dennis is – his main operating mode is anger. You never really know if he likes something or not because he is consistently furious. Right after I took this, he bit me on the ankle. I bet Zoella never has to put up with stuff like that.


JD Williams summer range

Have you bought any summer clothes lately? What do you recommend for someone who never goes any brighter than navy? Ever shopped at JD Williams? Leave a comment, Dennis and I would love to hear from you

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