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Transformulas Eye-Radiance as used by Simon Cowell

Transformulas range


Like Embryolisse Radiant Eye which we looked at recently, Transformulas has a devoted worldwide cult following. You may not have heard of it before, but if you have done then chances are you love it, especially if your name is Kylie Minogue or Victoria Beckham. Beckham has said that the company’s EyeLifting Gel is her favourite eye product.

Transformulas is a British cosmeceuticals brand specialising in non-surgical, premium anti-ageing treatments. Brand founder Rosi Chapman has a phobia of needles, so the range was designed to offer non-invasive treatments. If you like the idea of Botox but don’t actually want a needle full of gawd-knows-what stuck in your face, then this could be for you.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying out two products from the range – Transformulas Eye Radiance and Transformulas Eye-Lightening Serum.

Both are packaged as a silver wand, like a mascara, and are priced at £29.95 for 10ml. So it’s not cheap, but neither is it extortionate. Remember that you’ll only use a tiny amount at a time, so even 10ml should last several months. Both come with a free sachet of another Transformulas product, which I thought was a nice touch as you get to try out more of the range.


Transformulas Eye-Radiance as used by Simon Cowell


Transformulas Eye-Lightening Serum

According to his make-up artist, this is what Simon Cowell uses to prepare for his appearances on Britain’s Got Talent.using Transformulas Eye Radiance & Eye Lightening And now it is what I use to prepare to go to the shops. We’re not so different really, Simon and me.

The Eye Lightening Serum works via state of the art nanotechnology which aims to reboot collagen production. This leaves skin cells fuller and less wrinkled. It also helps prevent capillaries from breaking across the surface of your face and promotes healthy skin in general.

This serum has quite an unusual texture and effect. Normally with skincare products that have a tightening effect, the pay-off is that they’re less moisturising. This somehow manages to do both, so it tightens and smoothes around the eye area whilst also moisturising it.

You can see in the (scary, no make-up, sorry about that) pictures on the right where I’ve dabbed it on under the right eye only that there is an instant brightening effect. I’m not crazy about the initial scent (though that doesn’t linger) but I like the effect.



Transformulas Eye Radiance

Essentially, Eye Radiance is a souped-up concealer with added brightening and skincare benefits. Though it’s mainly for use around the eye area, it can also be used around the lips or to highlight the face. I wouldn’t use it as well as a powder highlighter, but on its own it has a lot of potential. This is a good choice if you want a multi-tasking highlighter.

The formula uses a combination of plant-based extracts and peptides, designed to restore elasticity, fade away dark circles and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. You can really see the difference in the bottom picture where I’ve used it on the right eye only. I like that it’s quite a natural effect and not at all glittery as many highlighters seem to be.

Now excuse me while I apply it to the other eye!


Product details

The Transformulas range is stocked in hundreds of outlets worldwide including Boots in the UK, or via their website. Transformulas EyeLifting Gel and Transformulas Eye-Lightening Serum, both RRP £29.95.


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