The Secret – Embryolisse Radiant Eye

Embryolisse Radiant Eye balm


When I’m asked to review something, if I haven’t heard of it before I will always do a quick online search before replying. I want to know what consumers are saying. If people who’ve paid good money for a product largely seem to hate it then I know not to waste my time either. That’s why my reviews err towards the positive – I’ve already attempted to screen out the duffers behind the scenes.

So I did that with today’s product – Embryolisse Radiant Eye  – and it turns out it’s a total best kept secret, beloved of make up artists for decades. Why did nobody tell me about this? Honestly, it’s like being picked last for the sports team all over again.

Embryolisse is a French pharmacy brand with a long heritage. Radiant Eye, or Eclat du Regard, to give it its much more elegant original name, is part of a range started in 1950. It was born when a dermatologist at a Paris hospital began developing pharmaceutical skincare.

This little secret weapon is an under eye balm, designed to brighten, moisturise and soothe all at once.


Embryolisse Eadiant Eye Eclat du Regard


What’s great about this balm is its portability and cooling properties. You can even enhance the cooling properties by storing it in the fridge. I’ve been keeping it on my desk and using it a lot in the afternoon when my eyes feel dry or irritated. If you work at a computer then this is what you need to perk you up when the afternoon slump sets in. That and a Kit Kat, obviously.

If you get hayfever or travel a lot by plane then you’ll probably enjoy this too. Swipe it under each eye and the cool and refreshing balm melts invisibly on to the skin. As it dries there’s a very slight tightening effect. It really does brighten up all around the eye area.

The only down side I would say is that if you’re using heavy face make up or concealer then you will almost certainly wipe some of it off by applying Radiant Eye on top of it. The product is advertised as being suitable for wearing over make up, but I found that if I applied it over my usual BB cream then it would wipe off on to the stick of balm. So that’s not ideal, though I think it’s inevitable.

Its tiny size means that this is a great portable treatment to pop in your handbag. Definitely one to take on your travels this summer.

Have you heard of this product before? Are you in on the secret? Please leave a comment, I love to hear what you think

Product details

Embryolisse Radiant Eye is available from a wide variety of retailers including Boots. Priced around £20, best price I can find it for today is £10.49 (plus around £5 delivery) at French pharmacy site Cocooncenter.

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