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I was challenged by the makers of the best compact camera, Panasonic to round up some of the best places for street art in Brighton. But as I walked around the city today I realised that that would be an endless list. It’s around every corner and down every alley way. Some of it’s officially sanctioned, and some of it’s clearly teenagers going hog-wild with a spray can.

It’s even on the bins – check out this Star Wars-themed bin at the entrance to the Open Market on London Road:




London Road has had a big regeneration in the last few years. Thankfully it hasn’t been taken over by chain stores. It’s retained an independent flavour because anything else wouldn’t be Brighton.

Brighton home owners seem happy for their houses to become a gallery, so you’ll see a lot of stuff like this on gable walls. When I was growing up in Belfast there were many political murals on gable walls, and they were very menacing and aggressive. So I prefer the Brighton way which is more about colour and creativity. And things bursting out of walls:


Brighton graffiti art


One of my favourite newish pieces of street art in Brighton is this massive doggy mural in the North Laine area. It was created for the 2016 Brighton Festival, inspired by Guest Director Laurie Anderson’s canine concert Music For Dogs. People sent in pictures of their dogs along with reasons why they’re so special, and 50 of them were chosen to be immortalised in the mural. You’ll find it on Kensington Street – that whole street is awash with giant murals so there’s plenty to see.


Brighton street art dog mural


Some coffee and lipstick with your street art?

For more ideas about what to do in Brighton, check out some of the best places to have coffee. Also check out the best Brighton places to shop for beauty and skincare. And if you spot an alleyway, duck down it because it could have some unexpected stories to tell.

Don’t be a stranger!



Brighton street art graffiti

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